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Ok guys, can't get above 900 calories

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    Day 10 isn't too far in. I think a lot of people feel a diminished appetite when they stop eating a carb-based diet. While Primal isn't necessarily low-carb, it's lower than a lot of people were taught to eat.

    If you have weight to lose, your body has adipose tissue on which to draw for energy.

    Also, imo: beware the sugar pushers! They're nuttier than the proverbial fruitcake.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for the last two posts. Very uplifting...

      Cryptocode- THANK YOU for sending me to paleotrack. Oh my it's made this keeping track of macros business so much easier. I was aiming for 5-25-70 c-p-f. Yesterday it said I was 3-18-80. Hm. This will definitely help me get it ironed out.

      Wanna know a good thing? I woke up this morning and I felt my stomach growl within an hour. I can't believe I'm happy about this! ha!
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        -high-sucrose food

        -high-fructose food
        -heavy starches (eat them in small portions)

        That can help develop a greater appetite.

        If you do dairy, add double cream to yoghurt.
        Snack on nuts, avocados and bananas.
        Fry your veg as often as possible.
        Eat the fat on your meat, even if you must have 1g/fat per 20g/meat to get yourself to eat it.
        Do weighted walking. It really makes you hungry.
        Fast for 24h and then let yourself binge. Don't repeat, but that CAN help your stomach welcome extra food if it's shrunk at all.

        Once you've got to 1400kcal/day, stop worrying and let it climb up of its own accord. But I'd say 1300-1500 is a minimum for any adult.
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