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    I just bought my first liter of raw milk

    It was a 2 hour cycle but now I got it. I already knew it was an organic farm but just to be sure I asked what they fed the cows. He said mostly grass and something else. That something else I forgot. It was a product that gets left behind when extractring all the moisture from beer or something. Would this milk still be safe to drink raw?

    Edit: hmm the milk also has a couple of black dots in it. Normal? It tastes really good
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    well then

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    If I recall the Sam Adams and Harpoon brewery guided tours correctly, that stuff is called the mash Mashing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Not sure how it compares to the uncooked grain.


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      In my humble, uneducated, but experienced opinion, you'll love it and it'll be great for you. Did you get the cream on top. Pour it off into a seperate container.
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        I shake it up so I get a whole milk (unless it's for a cup of coffee then I pour off the top without shaking).


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          I called the farm to ask what the black spots were. It was just something that happens when you get it straight from the tank.
          And yes it does taste much better than pasturized milk. I only had one ass, I will drink the rest of the liter as my next PWO drink
          well then