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Xantham gum - use it or not?

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  • Xantham gum - use it or not?

    Hi.I'm wanting to make gluten free pastry and I've found a flour here in the UK (Doves Farm gluten free) which I want to use.

    A quick google search to find recipes / methods show that most recipes suggest using xantham gum to help the pastry roll out and stick together. Is it a safe substance? Does anyone on these forums use it?

    Or have you any other suggestions to help make the pastry adhere nicely - such as using milk kefir instead of water to mix it, or or using beaten egg or whatever.


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    Xanthan is in almost every gluten-free baking mix my celiac kid uses for her occasional baking, and we have never had any problem with it. It is forbidden on some other diets, though, like the GAPS or the SCD, but these diets are concerned with leaky gut issues, and if you are baking at all, this isn't your concern, though. There is probably some person on the planet allergic to it, just like everything else, but I think you are good to go.

    I do not have the gluten-free baking experience to tell you what to substite for it, though, if you decide not to use it.
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      Warning Too Late for Some Babies -

      This is really only a concern for babies (and more likely just preemies) but I came across this and may as well share it


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        OK thanks for that. I shall buy some!