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What Do You Do When You Crave Sugar?

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    I eat a date or two.
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      I eat something really sour--a dill pickle or a couple slices of lemon. The opposite of sweet seems to work for me.


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        Fruit - quite simply eat fruit. I know we have to eat fruit in moderation, but there are at least three advantages to using it for sugar cravings 1) You are eating something which is nutritious 2) It's a controlled portion of sugar 3) It gets you off the junk
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          If you get cravings and don't want to indulge them, use glutamine - a teaspoon or more with some heavy cream. It helped me when I was trying to stay really low on carbs and got sugar cravings.


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            I find that taking a very hot shower can help me get rid of a craving.

            Going for a long walk and distancing myself from the particular food can help also.

            After that it's a matter of toughing it out. There are no easy ways to "turn off" a craving... but it will go away if you keep resisting.
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              I will try the l-glutamine, thanks! I've found that putting a little xylitol or stevia in my tea helps, or keep some of the sweeter varieties of terra chips around to snack on instead. The sweets and apples have a little cinnamon and sugar on them and that's usually enough for me.


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                I've only been primal since Jan 1 and sugar (from any source) seems to keep me wanting more. Since I discovered this (a great thing about eating primal is that I am much more aware of what I am eating now) I stay away from sugar and fruits.

                I figure maybe my body needs to go through some sort of sugar detox program before I can start adding it back in without it making me want to keep eating.

                I find that eating some nuts or cheese most times helps when I get that sugar type craving. Or some 90% cocoa chocolate (it doesn't have much sugar at all) but I try to limit that to 8 squares (one bar) a week.