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Is This A Good Way To Lose Fat?

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    Yes eating primal is a great way to lose fat. I've done it and so have many others.

    My approach was to eat a good serve of protein at each meal, few carbohydrates, and some fat to kickstart the fat burning process but not so much as to meet all my calorie needs. What this looked like was mainly meat, eggs and green veges, a few olives and some nuts.

    This caused my body to burn my stored fat and I would do the same again if I decided to drop a few more pounds.
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      Originally posted by Grokkette View Post
      I'm new to PB so I could be misunderstanding, but I interpret the previous poster's comment to mean that just because you're in fat burning mode doesn't mean you're burning your stored body fat. If you're taking in too much dietary fat, then your body will simply burn that dietary fat for energy and continue storing any excess dietary fat, if any, that it doesn't burn. You are in fat burning mode, but you're not in stored body fat burning mode, you're essentially in dietary fat burning mode.

      And btw, telling someone to "read the book" over and over isn't much help. Sisson's book came after his blog, remember. Just because someone came upon this free blog and forum and took an interest in the nutrition information doesn't mean they're mandated to pay $13 and "read the book" before they're allowed to ask any questions of other primal eaters.
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      That said, having been here a year or two, I think the 'read the book' advice is based on the fact that many new forum members (not the OP or yourself necessarily) come to the forums, read the different posts/tweaks/opinions, and get very confused on what the PBP really is. If one were to confine oneself to reading Mark's blog and the 'start here' or 'primal 101' information they would have an informed opinion, yet too often the new poster jumps right into 'eat only blah for blah time' posts, which are tweaks or hacks people are experimenting with (n=1 if you will) and crash and burn thinking primal is a failure, even though they have never actually tried primal or even understand what it is.

      Given this happens several times a week, older/more experienced primal folk push reading the book. $13 is a small price to pay for good health

      Welcome to the forums. Nice to have ya.


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        Is there a book one could read to get information about basic primal eating, I dunno, some kind of Blueprint or something
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          re: reading the book, there is also this Primal Blueprint 101 | Mark's Daily Apple toward which to direct people, fo' free


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            It's not really difficult to understand. Your body uses the food you eat for its daily needs. If you eat any foods (protein, carbs, fats) above the body's needs, the excess is stored as body fat.

            To maintain your weight (neither gain nor lose), you need to eat to the amount your body requires (different for different people; you have to find that level).

            If you want to lose weight, you need to eat to a caloric deficit. It's only when it doesn't get enough food for its needs that the body automatically taps into its fat stores to supply its needs.


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              emmie, you have it right, the real "fat burning mode" is to be in lack of food - or in a calorie deficit - that's the mode when your body burn it's own precious stored bodyfat. There is no reason for the body whatsoever to use of it's own bodyfat if there is not a very good reason for doing just that...
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                I think we are missing a key piece of information here. OP's definition of lower fat.


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                  Originally posted by dimples View Post
                  So let's say I get the right amount of protein and carbs. Should I lower my fat intake so that my body will need energy, and take it from my fat stores - rather than use the fats I ingest?

                  Also, would this work if I wanted to build muscle and lose fat?
                  You may lose weight, but you'll also probably gain it back quickly. We need fat and if you're not getting enough your body will fight for it and you may end up over eating and gain the weight back. I have kept my fat really high and lost 30 lbs doing so and find it really hard to gain eating this way (easy to maintain). I used to yo-yo a lot when I'd lower fat and calories... not anymore. Lowering fat is not a good way to lose weight... lowering carbs is, though.


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                    If I'm eating 75% of calories from fat I am not hungry and often don't meet my basic 1600 calories. I end up only eating like 900-1200 calories. Although if I xfit more than 1 once a week I will endup on a 5kcal bender.


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                      Canio, understandable. I just figure the OP might be just new to PB and just feeling it out so far. I've actually been reading the blog off and on for like a year and a half, but I just started getting serious about going primal a few weeks ago, and I've had similar questions. Granted I usually just look up the answer. lol

                      Thanks for the welcome.