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My husband is HUNGRY! (and worried)

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  • My husband is HUNGRY! (and worried)

    My husband is 5'9", and has always weighed between 150 and 155 pounds. He has not read any of the primal/paleo books that I've read (and will not be willing to), but he was willing to go along with me and try the diet. (I am significantly overweight, and he is willing to do almost anything to help me lose weight.)

    He is feeling good in general, has good energy, and was surprised by how mentally alert he feels. However, he says he is starvingly hungry all the time. He says his stomach is not empty, but he still feels hungry. (I'm not certain what he means by that....) He has lost down to 148 lbs, and he is worried, because he feels this is the lowest he can go without getting sick. I told him he might find his health-to-weight paradigms to be different with this way of eating, but he is not inclined to believe that.

    He is generally not a picky eater, as long as it's basic stuff. He'll eat like his grandma used to, but not like a tropical person's grandmother did. Here is what he is eating, how he has changed, and what he will not be willing to change:

    Breakfast--used to be a not large bowl of cereal like Life, now 2 eggs, usually fried in butter or bacon grease, plus a tomato or a handful of grapes

    Lunch--used to be 2 large slices of homemade whole wheat bread, 1-2 slices ham or turkey lunch meat, a handful of carrots, and a banana or box of raisins; Now, it's 2 slices ham or turkey lunch meat, carrots, banana, raisins (he really doesn't like salad very much, and has never been willing to eat a vinaigrette dressing. He won't eat fats like avocado or coconut oil, unless they are well hidden--not sure how to do that. We buy high quality but not grass-fed lunch meat, with no artificial ingredients.) He will sometimes take leftover fish or meatballs, but not other leftovers.

    Dinner--pretty similar to what it used to be, because we have always eaten mainly from scratch and mostly meat-potatoes/rice-veggies. We have cut out the starch, but I don't think dinner is the problem--he eats a reasonable amount, and I don't think he's hungry at night.

    I think we need to change his breakfast and lunch somewhat, but I'm not sure what to do with them. I can't figure out how to add better fats, nor what else to add to his lunch. I'm wondering if he can take a baked potato with butter and bacon bits, since he really does not need to lose weight. I probably can convince him to take an extra slice of lunch meat, but I'm not sure I could convince him to eat a 3rd egg.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    (BTW, in case it matters, we've only been doing this for 2 weeks. I've also lost about 6lbs, so not great, but better than ever before.)

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    Yeah, I'd be hungry too. I'm 5'9 160. Here is what I eat.

    2 coffees with heavy cream or just black for breakfast
    6 eggs in butter and about 1/3 a pound and of bacon and veggies for lunch.
    8-12 oz of meat and some veggies with a piece or two of fruit for dinner.
    2-4 pieces of lindt 85% chocolate for desert with the fruit.

    This is a very general pattern, but this is what I eat to maintain my weight while exercising about 2-3x/week. I also totally pig out 1-2 days a week at a sushi buffet.

    Simple solution... tell him to man up and eat more meat!
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      tell him to eat, that's a small amount of food
      yeah you are

      Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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        If he doesn't want to lose weight and wants to maintain he doesn't need to cut out all the starches. Give the man some more taters.

        You say he wont eat "avocado or coconut oil", will he eat olives? how about nuts?

        Add the extra sice of lunch meat, send that baked potato with him. throw in some macadamias.


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          Feed that man some starch.
          There is no reason on earth he shouldn't be eating healthy portions of potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.
          And more fruit and nuts if he likes those too.

          You don't necessarily have to eat the same sides that he eats... or the same portions of the same sides.

          For instance with his breakfast eggs he could have a big pile of hash browns as well.
          And you don't have to.
          See, simple.
          “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
          ~Friedrich Nietzsche
          And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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            Im a 5'10 woman and I would starve on that breakfast!
            add some meat.. And a couple more eggs and more meat! And some tomatoes, or fruit, or stir fried vegies if wanted.

            For instance, 3-6 xl eggs, fried or scrambled in your prefrence of lard, duck fat, butter or coconut oil, plus 5-6 stips of bacon or a couple sausage pattys etc.
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              That lunch sucks.

              No wonder he's hungry.


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                Ah! Olives! Yes, he will eat (and love!) those!


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                  Def more starches.
                  And more eggs at breakfast.
                  Real protein at lunch, like chicken with his salad.
                  Add some potatoes or sweet potatoes with butter, and a huge steak, as well as other veg.


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                    I send macadamias to work with my husband for some more fat.
                    Add more butter to his eggs at breakfast.
                    You will need to find all the info he can read so he doesn't need to freak out about eating lots of eggs.


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                      Agree with the others; I'm 5'1", 98 lbs. senior female and eat probably three times that much on most days, sometimes more. When I'm hungry I EAT.


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                        Your husband's entire day is a light snack for me.


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                          Originally posted by Legbiter View Post
                          Your husband's entire day is a light snack for me.
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                            Very often "hunger" is really thirst, and very common on a low carb diet since the body dehydrates by shedding water, so drinking more may be an idea. Also, it takes some time for the hunger hormones to adjust to a new diet so be patient...
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                              He's hungry because he's eating meals that wouldn't satiate a 6-year old girl. Feed the man. I taste more food while cooking meals than you feed him at breakfast and lunch combined, and I weigh less than he does.
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