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250-300 carbs once in a while?

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  • 250-300 carbs once in a while?

    Hi there :-)

    Mark writes in his book that:

    "Primal diehards who average very low carb intake over extended periods (50-100 grams or less per day) will likely benefit from having an occasional higher-carb day (maybe 250-300 grams of nonsugar carbs) to fine-tune insulin sensitivity"

    Could anybody explain more about that? Or maybe point me to something to read about it? :-)


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    Look up "re-feeding" or "re-feed day"... I believe the premise isto not let the body get into a routine - the higher carb day throws it off... maybe some of the more experienced grokkers will jump in here and give you a better explanation.


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      It won't be beneficial for insulin resistant people. Check your blood sugar. If you are not overweight, you are likely metabolically great and cleared for a carb-up day but checking blood sugar numbers is always a good idea. If you are diabetic or have higher blood sugar then 120 when you take in a bunch of glucose don't even think about it!


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        Ok, thanks both :-) Seems pretty logical that a carb-up day once in a while could do good. I guess Grok also would have been eaten the majority of his carbs that way? Find - Munch - Continue whatever he was doing :-) ?


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          George, I just read that same passage last night. It's instructive for me because for the first few months of PB, I had such good results going very-low-carb that I became downright superstitious about eating any carbs at all (outside of those found in dark green veg and, ahem, sugar alcohols, which I basically ignore)

          Three weekends ago I broke that superstition on the weekend with a few french fries. The oil was probably no good, but they didn't seem to hurt me at all. So the next weekend I tried a larger portion of fries, and that was great. Then last weekend I tried ice cream for the first time since going primal. I hoovered up an insane amount, then suddenly felt very full and had to stop. 30 minutes later I was slipping into a coma despite valiant resistance and ended up taking a three-hour nap. It was interesting to experience an insulin spike and glucose crash, followed by a sweaty cortisone reaction, for the first time since understanding the science. Yet the next day, though I felt a little heavier, I was full of fire and energy and worked out through a 20 hour fast, and everything was great again.

          I don't recommend refeeding with those particular carbs, but it's clear to me now that a primal, fruit- or tuber-oriented carb refeed on the weekend can do you good if you're active. In fact, it's probably even better to have modest carb refeeds of 100-200g a couple times a week... but I'm still being very, very careful because the last thing I want is to reverse my metabolic progress.


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            Hey Timothy, nice to hear your experience :-) Iīm gonna read up more on this... Right now I'm just settling in to PB. I go very clean - but things are pretty new to me - I experince my appetite differently and I have to learn my body signals over again kind of. The other day I went out with a friend and had a steak and some salat. The steak was 300grams and when I was finished I felt that I could easily eat the same amount again. When I got home I made a steak on 400 grams with some veggies- and when I had eaten it I was just full not over-full. I was like WTF I just kicked down 700 grams of meat and a salat on top of the other things I had that day. But right now I'm just eating all what I want and stop when I'm full. Often I eat more than I did before when I was puring down pasta/rice and bread - but I feel much lighter and maybe my body just needs the juice. After all I keep pretty active and lift weights 3 times a week. The coolest thing is my energy level is much more even. I'm not hungry in between meals. And when I get hungry it's not the I HAVE TO EAT NOW kinda feeling - it's more a hunger I can choose to follow or not - and if I don't eat I still have good even energy. Ok, I got carried away. This was about re-feeding carbs :-D

            anyway - did Mark write more in this somewhere?