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I battle binge eating and purging and insulin resistance and pcos

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    Originally posted by JackieKessler View Post
    What I've been learning, slowly, over the past year, is to experiment and find what works best for me. I know that when I'm too restrictive, things don't work for me. I also know I feel better defaulting to eating primal. And I know that some foods are triggers or gateways to binging/feeling bad about myself, so they're on my "Think Twice Before Eating This" list.
    Hey Jackie,
    I think there's a lot of truth to what you say, and I've already noticed just in the last 3-4 weeks that SAD foods, particularly refined starches, make me feel really nasty. I know this, yet as you probably remember from your disordered eating days, when a binge happens, I often find myself eating foods I'd never eat in my "right mind." This issue is quite separate from my "on-primal" eating, when it's easy for me to eat the foods that make me feel good and stay away from the foods that don't.
    Anyways, I know it can be done! So far so good since my last post. I had a tiny cup of a chilled dark chocolate coconut milk thing that I make when I'm craving something sweet, and I'm calling it a night!