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Starting a Whole30 - spring break conflict

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  • Starting a Whole30 - spring break conflict

    Background: I've known about primal/paleo WOE for about 2 years, but haven't been successful at sticking with the program for more than a month or so at a time. I always end up drinking a few beers, or eating something sugary, and instead of getting back "on the wagon" the next day, I end up back eating fully primally a few weeks (and 5 lbs heavier) later.

    I know this is kind of a dumb problem, and I realize one possible answer is "who cares about spring break, just finish your whole30". Anyway, I am planning on starting a whole30 tomorrow, after re-reading It Starts With Food. I understand that in theory 30 days with absolutely no cheats are necessary to fully benefit from the program. My problem is that my spring break (college senior) is the first week of March, so my whole30 would extend all the way until the ending Sunday. Now, I don't plan to spend the whole week taking my shirt off in Mexico or anything, but I do anticipate a couple beachy-beer-ish sort of events. Obviously it would be beneficial for my health to do say a whole20-25, rather than the sort of wishy-washy primal I'm doing right now? and then start over and do a full whole30 after those events? Or is that just dumb? I'm having a hard time talking myself through what makes the most sense, so if anyone has any opinions, that would be great

    Goal: Feel good, be active!