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I Hate the Taste of Fish...What Can I Do?!?

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    Everyone thanks for the input and the great ideas. NO MORE SALMON FOR ME YEAH!!!!! I'll just continue with grass-fed beef, sea bugs, eggs, the occassional can of sardines, and supplements.
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      I definitely agree you shouldn't force yourself to eat something you hate. And I can relate because all my life I've hated visible fat on meat. IMO, it tastes and feels nasty. I haven't given up on it though, people change, I might change. I have gotten to the point that a very thin layer of soft fat on a large bite of meat sometimes does sort of add to the flavor. I never thought that would happen.

      Be open to the possibility that you might feel differently about fish one day. You don't have to actually admit to anyone that you're not firmly committed to hating fish forever.
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        Have you tried smoked fish? like smoked haddock - I had some pieces of smoked haddock wrapped in bacon and grilled, served on a bed of spinach with a cheese sauce poured over, baked until sizzling and a poached egg plopped on top of that. It was amazing... Not really fishy at all.


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          If you hate the taste of fish and still want to eat it, put it into a soup and use a lot of hot chili or tabasco sause and other flavorings as well, and presto no more fish taste...
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