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    Hey folks,

    Brand spankin' new here. I actually JUST posted my meet and greet. I have a question on calories. I KNOW I Know, don't count em' doesn't matter- whatever. I got curious the passed two days. I wrote everything down and totaled at the end of the day. I was shocked. One day I was at 863 and yesterday 786. Um? I'm not hungry. Sometimes I'll let my stomach growl a couple hours so I can plan my meals around my work schedule, but all in all, I'm not purposely skipping meals. Typically, if I feel hungry, I just eat something. Averaging two meals and a couple snacks during the days.

    Thoughts on this?

    Yesterday I had a big salad with turkey cooked in coconut oil. Spooned some the oil on the mixed greens too. Topped it with tomatoes and a pinch of sunflower seeds and my homemade dressing (based off a paleo ranch dressing recipe) It lasted me a whopping 8 hours before I was hungry again! After work I had lettuce wraps with ground beef.

    The day before I had seaweed only sushi. One roll was raw salmon with asparagus and cream cheese, the other was a cooked beef roll. Had a salad several hours later, munched some carrots in between.

    Oh, speaking of carrots, those ok? Seem so sweet and comparable to fruit. I have been monitoring my intake of those, because I could seriously eat a whole dadgum bag.

    Peace and Love

    The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

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    I have no idea, but eating that little makes it sound like you're in Ketosis. I have no idea if that's an accurate statement, but there aren't a lot of carbs in what you described (maybe rice?). I definitely think you need to eat more. Less than 1000 calories sounds like starvation...

    About the carrots, I wouldn't worry about them. Monitor your progress, whatever your goals may be, and see how you're doing after a week. I eat beets and carrots pretty regularly and haven't notice any negative effects. I figure that if i'm eating the whole vegetable, even with the amount of sugar in a beet, it's not as bad as having a donut....


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      Most newbies struggle to eat enough when starting the transition to Primal. Even now, after dabbling and educating myself for months, there are some days I eat less than 1100 Calories (usually on low- or no-activity days) but other days (high activity days) I can easily eat over 1700 Calories.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, somebody, but I don't think ketosis = eating 800 Calories and being satisfied. By eating that little, you're really sacrificing nutrient intake. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. are truly more important than the number of Calories you eat.

      So, Hannah, try incorporating more Calorie-dense and nutrient-dense stuff like avocado, raw dairy (if it agrees with you), eggs, fatty meats (uncured bacon = win), etc.

      Carrots are extremely healthy and although they taste sweet, they have a high water content and the nutrients in them are amazing for you. I can easily eat a whole bag, too, and many times I have. I wouldn't eat a bag of baby carrots a day every single day... but having a handful a day should be just fine. Read this, too: The Definitive Guide to Sugar | Mark's Daily Apple
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        Thanks guys. Today I made the effort to eat more. I think I got it up to about 1000 calories. Trust me, I'm not TRYING to eat this little. All the information just says eat when you're hungry, stop when you're not. So, I've followed that and I'm coming up way short.

        I'm fine with all the things you suggested except avocado. I have tried it several time and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger in my mouth. Just can't get into it. Raw dairy- Just waiting for my goats to come fresh again

        I put a bigger portion of turkey on my salad today with extra coconut oil and I am currently munching approx. 5 ounces of burger. I had three eggs today of the hard boiled variety. It's much easier to convince myself to eat more when I don't have to work. On off days I feel like I can make something anytime. On work days I gotta plan around it as I'm sure some of you are familiar with.

        I'll stop fussing about the carrots
        The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.