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Is grazing bad?

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    By constantly imputing food into your body you don't really give your digestive system a chance to rest and recharge as it were. I am a fan of the following analogy to explain this:

    It's kind of like the battery phenomenon for electronic devices. If you keep the device (yourself) constantly charged (ie constantly filled with food), then you actually degrade the amount of charge the battery (your digestive system) can hold for you. The battery (your digestive system) needs to be used to power your device (you) without being plugged in at least occasionally, and even let to rest without being plugged in (fed) from time to time.

    Not that you need to do this ALL the time, but recharge periods where you allow your digestive system to rest are a good idea. See Mark's series on fasting for more info about this.
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      For me grazing leads to increased appetite, increased cravings and eventually weight gain.

      It wasn't till I cut down to 1 or 2 larger daily meals, that I was finally able to lose 30+ lbs. and reach what I consider to be pretty much my goal weight and body composition.

      But if a person is able to have reasonable caloric intake with 6 or 7 small meals, then they will probably be okay. Me, not so much.


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        Grazing is not god or bad by itself, it all depends on the total context of your diet. Many people, me included, can skip an early breakfast and graze on a few raw vegetables, a piece of low fat cheese when hungry and later eating a larger dinner, without being in danger of getting the metabolic syndrom or whatever. Grazing may work or not work, even for weightloss, but it also depends on various parameter, like the rest of the diet, what you are grazing on and how much, and also the individual. If grazing on a handful of raw broccoli makes you go binging, well then maybe grazing is not for you anyway...
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