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Grass Finished Vs Grass Fed

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  • Grass Finished Vs Grass Fed

    Is there a difference?

    The farmer I sourced out raises grass finished cattle, feeding them grain along with grass and other feed finally weening them 6 months before slaughter.

    Is this enough to alter the omega 3:6 ratio?

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    I can't give you numbers, all I know is the longer they are on grain, the worse the omega 3:6 ratio gets.
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      Yes there is a difference, as far as what the terms mean. Grass finished means that the animal was fattened on grass (which takes longer than on grain) before slaughter. Grass fed usually refers to an anial that was fed grass for it's whole life, and not just fattened for slaughter on grass. From what I have read from a grass grazing magazine I have a subscription to, the longer the animal is on grass the better the Omega 3:Omega 6 ratios.


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        The term grass finished makes me think of an animal that has been given a meal of grass before it was butchered, much like a prisoner's last meal.
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          Originally posted by Damiana View Post
          The term grass finished makes me think of an animal that has been given a meal of grass before it was butchered, much like a prisoner's last meal.
          So be happy. You are eating a criminal cow that got what it deserved.

          Yes, there may be a little difference in O6:O3 will it really matter much? Eh. Some say yes, some say no. I say buy the best you can afford, but it isn't worth the excess cortisol to stress about it too much


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            I buy my grass-fed, grass-finished beef and bison online because I don't have a local source, and I've been doing this for about 10 years. In the beginning, my supplier advertised just 'grass-fed,' but apparently those who keep their animals exclusively on grass until slaughter (and slaughter humanely) have been adding 'grass finished' because some ranchers are taking advantage of the interest in grass-fed animals to advertise "grass-fed"--although they feed grain for the final 4-6 months to fatten them quickly.

            That's why I check for 'grass finished' before I buy from any source. I don't honestly know what the 06:03 difference may be; I just don't like the idea of someone claiming 'grass fed' and implying that the animals are only fed grass when they are replicating feedlot practices.


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              Try this:

              Definition of Grass Fed Beef

              The USDA has not settled on legal definitions yet, but they are working on it. But here is the general consensus:

              Grass-fed: DON'T TRUST THIS! It doesn't mean anything. All cows are grass-fed up to a certain age (about 2 years old). Even a CAFO-cow was grass-fed while it was young.

              Grain-finished: Raised on grass until a certain age. Moved to a CAFO for 60-120 days of fattening and grain-feeding and messing with O-3 and O-6. NOT GOOD.

              Grass-finished: Raised on grass for their entire lives. No grain if possible. However, they could be fed dried grass in a barn somewhere. I'm not sure if it's common to feed dry grass in a semi-CAFO and call it grass-finished, but the definition allows for it. I think "100% grass fed" would fit under this definition too.

              Pastured: Raised only on grass, and NOT confined to a barn. This is the best one.

              Organic, Natural etc,: Finished with organic grain instead of GMO grain. STILL NOT GOOD.
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