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more sensitive to certain foods after transitioning to primal?

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  • more sensitive to certain foods after transitioning to primal?

    Hi all,

    I just posted an intro detailing my story so I will just give the basics that relate to this. I have been grain-free for 4 wks now and am easing into the other aspects of primal (organic, grass fed, exercise). In general, I am feeling so much better! I don't feel bloated. I have more energy. I am sleeping better. But I am finding that since I have stopped grains, I am more sensitive to foods I never had a problem with before, namely fruits and dairy. I am not overdoing them - usually 1 serving each per day. Sometimes two. I know I don't need these food categories but honestly, I am not a vegetable eater. I am doing more experimenting and with time, I know I will do a better job eating more vegetables but for now, I am relying on the dairy and fruit to get at least 50-75 carbs eat day. Right now, I am experimenting with foods within the categories to see which ones are least reactionary.

    so, is this a normal reaction? to become more sensitive to foods that never gave you a problem before?

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    Hi, NewLeaf. I'm glad you are feeling so much better already, it is a common symptom of primal eating!

    As for food sensitivities, I'm not sure. For myself I had not realised I would be sensitive to wheat until I cut it out and then reintroduced it and gave myself a tummy ache. This way of eating can have unexpected results at times, but I've found they are mostly beneficial. Certainly I am tasting things more intensely, especially sweetness, and sense of smell also seems heightened. It doesn't sound like you are overdoing the fruit or dairy. Maybe you are just overall more in tune with your body and your food and noticing effects you didn't notice before.
    Annie Ups the Ante