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  • Magnesium Supplementation

    I was told by my doctor to supplement vitamin D in my diet. I was also told that Magnesium is necessary for the body to properly utilize the vitamin D.

    I bought a 1000mg vitamin D3 supplement and a 250mg Magensium supplement. It is made of Magnesium Oxide. Is there a better type of Magnesium I should have purchased or is this a good kind? I've heard there are a few to choose from and I want to make sure I didn't screw this up.

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    Sorry, Magnesium Oxide is not very bio-available (but it is the cheapest ).

    Magnesium Orotate is the best, although pricey. Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Chloride are nearly as good.
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      Magnesium glycinate is very bioavailable and reasonably priced: Source Naturals Magnesium Bis-Glycinate, 120 Tablets: Health & Personal Care


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        PHD recommends Doctors Best High Absorption Magnesium among others. This is what I have started taking.


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          I use the powdered magnesium citrate. It tastes good in plain water, and it's cheap - and it WORKS, both for cramps and for BM.
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            Thank goondess for magnesium citrate. I woke up from period cramps last night and a little less than a teaspoon put me back to sleep like a baby, and it has vastly reduced my day cramps as well.
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              I use Magnesium citrate.


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                Originally posted by dizzyorange View Post
                Magnesium glycinate is very bioavailable and reasonably priced:

       Source Naturals Magnesium Bis-Glycinate, 120 Tablets: Health & Personal Care
                That's what I understand as well. I think any -ate is better than any -ide, but I do glycinate specifically.
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                  Any chelate is fine: that means anything ending in "-ate".

                  Magnesium Citrate
                  Magnesium Malate
                  Magnesium Glycinate
                  Magnesium Orotate

                  Citrate is generally cheapest, but has the greatest laxative effect. Malate is usually the next cheapest, and it's what I take. Orotate tends to be expensive for some reason. All of them are well-absorbed.

                  Often taking some or all of it before bed can help you sleep.

                  Magnesium oxide, I'm sorry to say, is basically worthless: less than 10% of it is actually absorbed.


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                    I just ordered a bunch of citrate, so hopefully that works well for me. The last magnesium suppliment I took was a mixture of citrate, taurinate, malate, glycinate, and succinate. It worked pretty well for me, but I don't see any real reason for the complexity.
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