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  • Todays eating

    Hi people.

    Jason from Australia here, spreading the PB word over here.

    Today i had breakfast and dinner with intermittent fast at lunchtime.

    are these ratio's good?


    Age 28:

    Weight: 235

    Exercise: Stonglifts 5X5 + 2 days cardio per week.

    Food Total Cals kJ Fat Prot. Carb.

    Day Total 1277 5339 103.9g 56.7g 32.7g

    I am guessing that 235 lbs and 56.7grams of protein is nowhere near the mark of 1 gram per pound of body weight?

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    Jason, its 0.8g or 1g protein per kg bodyweight.

    Or as per Mark's blog post:

    At a minimum you need .5 grams of protein per pound of lean mass/per day on average to maintain your “structure”. If you are moderately active you need .7 or .8, and if you are an active athlete you need as much as 1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass. That’s at a minimum, but it’s on a daily average. So a 155 lb moderately active woman who has 25% body fat (and thus) has 116 lb of lean body mass needs 93 grams of protein on average per day (116 x .8). If she gets 60 or 80 some days and 110 on others, she’ll still be in a healthy average range.


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      thanks sue.... ah i didnt realise it wass 0.5/1 gram of protein per kilogram(my native metric measure) of body weight.

      so i guess 56 grams is till not near enough but i guess becasue i missed a meal then its not to bad.

      thanks for that....