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Should I be concerned about SHBG 84.6?

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  • Should I be concerned about SHBG 84.6?

    Reading all over the net I find conflicting ideas about whether this could be an issue, and if it is positively or negatively associated with prostate cancer (my psa is low).
    The reported normal range for SHBG is 16.5-55.9, and mine is 84.6.

    Other hormones:
    Insulin 3.3
    Estradiol 8
    IGF1 140
    PSA .4
    FSH 3
    LH 1.8
    TSH 1.8
    Testosterone 588
    Dhea-s 215.5
    T4 Free, direct 1.5
    a1c 5.1
    SHBG 84.6

    I've read that nettle root can bring it down. Dhea looks a little low, but I read that should not take dhea if shbg is high. I am not and have not taken anything that should affect my hormone levels.

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    If you're male, SHBG is optimal around 15 to 25.
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      Male, 37yo.


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        Are you fasting and/or maintaining a caloric deficit? Supposedly that can drive up SHBG. Estradiol's on the low side...
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          I think I worked out the day before so I probably was running a deficit. I'm going to check it again in a month, along with some liver tests and see how it looks.