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  • Post workout question.

    OK first of all very, very, very sorry for a possible/probable duplicate thread, but hoping someone can clear something up for me...

    I currently want to lose fat and I lift heavy 2-3 times a week. What would be the optimal post work out re-fuel? I try to keep my carbs at around 50-75g daily. Should I just eat a meal of protein and most of my carbs in this window? Or should I just have a 'normal' meal? Also, one final question; I eat 3 times a day, when I go tot he gym should I add a 4th meal?

    Thanks for taking your time reading this.

    edit: currently my post workout meal is my dinner.
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    There are a few MDA posts about this.

    Post Workout Carb Loading and Muscle Building | Mark's Daily Apple
    Post Workout Fasting | Mark's Daily Apple
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      if your post workout meal is your dinner, just eat a good primal meal. your macro ratios are sort of something you need to figure out individually, to figure out what works for you. definitely have some good protein in it, of course. if you are going to have carbs, after a workout is the best time to help restore your muscles. but, post workout carbs are not necessary. actually, post workout food is not even necessary. neither of those are really going to help fat loss all that much.

      to your second question about the amount of meals you should eat on work out days, don't add meals just because you're working out. add meals because you're hungry. if you're not hungry, don't eat.


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        Hi Joe,

        I can already tell you one thing: it doesn't work the same for everybody so in this thread you'll read a lot of different theories, proposals and suggestions, and all of them are valid because there is not one single version of truth.

        For me, for example, it works like this:

        - I am not lactose or casein intolerant, I proved it several times by drinking 1 liter of cold milk without any side effect (you know what I mean). However... yogurt, kefir, cheese cream, etc seem to block weight loss and cause hydric retention for me. Butter and ghee are fine. When I want to quickly drop 3-4 pounds and get rid of the bloating I just eliminate diary. Otherwise, I am a fan of kefir and yogurt and of course cheese (I live in Switzerland), this because diary me (I repeat, it helps ME) helps building muscles. The explanation I give is that whey and caseins are insulinogenic. For that reason I have some kefir after a workout: insulin does't only promote fat storage, it contributes to muscle anabolism as well. Try to get rid of diary and protein powders for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

        - Speaking about workouts, I always do my weightlifting while fasting: 6 hours since last meal when I go at 6PM during the week, 15 hours fasting when I workout sunday morning.

        - Grains are poisonous. Full stop. Only when you stop eating them you really realize. You can't imagine how difficult it is for me to admit it, being of Italian origins

        - I found that 2 meals per day work just fine: I do not have breakfast when I am losing weight. During the night the body naturally goes into ketosis, eating at breakfast breaks... the fast! I suggest a cup of black coffee with no added sugar to boost lypolisis and to please the psychological need to have breakfast that most people have.

        - While looking to lose weight, try to not concentrate the carbs all in the same lunch, split them evenly. Also, make sure that the carbs count is correct: you can't imagine where sugars hide (yolk, liver...). Also, make sure you choose sources which are with a low glycemic index.

        ... more to come about my personal experience (gotta go right now...)


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          Thanks all for the replies.Had a quick scan and some very helpful tips and advice there. Will read them all through thoroughly later after I'm done with studying!


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            Originally posted by primal_alex View Post
            - Grains are poisonous. Full stop. Only when you stop eating them you really realize. You can't imagine how difficult it is for me to admit it, being of Italian origins
            This is something that I still worry about. Are starches that important? I ask this because if I don't have 2 slices of some flourless bread, I have no starches at all in my diet. Is it ok to eat no starches?


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              Originally posted by Runner View Post
              Is it ok to eat no starches?
              As for many things, the abuse makes the poison. Eat 200 grams of pasta per day, every day, and you can be sure it will be a problem. Eat one or even two thin slices of bread per day and it will probably do nothing bad, especially if you are particularly active.
              I myself do not eat starches, in the sense of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. This does not prevent me to outperform anybody my weight in weightlifting exercises at the gym. After one year of primal I still have carvings for bread sometimes: I eat a handful of fatty nuts and it's gone (and I got my dose of fat-soluble vitamins, which rancid backed flour doesn't have).
              However, I am not for zero-carb either: I eat carrots, onions, garlic, broccoli, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, salad, etc. Anything that is low in carbs but high in minerals, micronutrients and anti-oxidants.