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Does anyone use Greatlakes Gelatin?

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    Originally posted by droogle View Post
    I'm confused by what I've recently read about 'excitotoxins', and whether forms of gelatin contain excitotoxins / are excitotoxic, or whether it's merely the case that MSG is often labelled as gelatin in ingredient lists for the sake of concealment.
    Pure gelatin is nothing but amino acids, usually for on the other end of the spectrum from muscle meat. I would guess that other ingrediants would be the culprit.


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      Originally posted by Zach View Post
      Not in skin, no. I use it instead of getting protein from meat sources and have noticed greatly improved digestion, inflammation, flexibility and joint movemet. I also find that i can get almost all my protein from plants and gelatin and still gain muscle so i think that recommend protein intake is greatly exaggerated.

      As for you post above, yikes that is expensive!
      For 31.50 I'm expecting the elixir of eternal youth...

      I'm sure a supplement won't disappoint me.
      "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

      In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

      - Ray Peat