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Nursing Moms and Oatmeal?

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  • Nursing Moms and Oatmeal?

    I know we have a few nursing moms here with new anyone eating oatmeal for milk supply? I was, thinking it was harmless enough, and frankly after a night of cluster feeding I was pretty ravenous and could eat ANYTHING while I cooked eggs for breakfast....But then my eggs would get cold while I got three kids ready to head out in the morning....
    I feel like I can use the carbs, but since I've been eating the oatmeal my middle has been bloated (after having a baby that is the LAST thing I need). I do eat more starchy veg in the winter, and probably more dairy, too.
    I lost the baby weight, but my belly is gross. Anyone else find the oats bloating? I remembered that I used to enjoy them a million years ago before Paleo/Primal, but all bets seem to be off during Pregnancy/lactation!
    Little man is 2 months old, and milk supply is great, he is gaining well and happy.

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    I found that ANY foods (or beer) they said was good for milk supply was a buncha

    I tried it all, but the only thing that helped was drinking a crapton of water.

    The oats made me bloated beyond belief too, so I moved over to Cheerios, but those
    were so damn tasty that I could have probably eaten a whole box in one sitting if my
    mouth didn't get so dry (i had them dry), so I just bellied up to piles of water instead.

    Sounds like you don't have any problems with your milk just yet and baby seems to be
    nursing fine.

    My first (and second too) had acid reflux super duper bad so they definitely both had
    a feeding aversion and it was like HELL to get them to nurse, so I really had to pull out
    all the stops and do everything I could to get them too.. pumping, lying down to nurse
    for 6 months of my life......aaaaaaaah!

    So for now, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - eat your eggs and everything else primal, but

    I drank about 96oz a day.

    It's a feat, but it worked.



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      I do struggle with drinking enough water...always have. Nursing is the one time (or 3) in my life when I sometimes say *shit* I am so wicked thirsty right now! So I
      I give myself plenty of leeway...I have a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of red with dinner..but am afraid the oatmeal will have to go. I LOOOVVVEE dark beer, too, but my waist does not, therefore I do not drink it. The same with beans. I tried, because I eat plants and animals, but they bloat me up too. Rice is ok, and starchy veg like squash.
      Little man has a bit of reflux recently, but I think its just the sheer volume of milk. He was 15 lbs at 8 wks. He isn't avoiding feeds, that's for sure!
      I hate pumping with a passion, but it is a must for me to go back to work.
      I let the spoiled brat sleep with Mama, so night time nursing is a cinch...and we can all get some sleep!
      Thanks for the feedback!


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        My husband and my routine when baby would wake up in the night was that HE
        would run and fill my 32oz (which we nicknamed The ThirstyTwoOuncer) adult
        sippy cup up with water, while I ambled my ass down the hallway to get baby
        and get situated in the rocking chair (pre-reflux diagnosis).

        I sat down, slapped baby on ye ol' boob, my water was delivered and OMG, I was

        Yeah, pumping totally sucked, and it wasn't even FOR baby, it was just to keep
        up the damn milk supply. ANNOYING.

        Sounds like your baby is a real trooper, my kids were both 7lbs when they were born
        and were horrible eaters/nursers....

        Even today I keep wondering how they've even gotten to the ripe old age of 10 and 7.

        10 is 55lbs and the worstest pickiest eater on the PLANET (lunch box comes home FULL)
        and 7 is better, WAY better at eating, but is only 40lbs.

        Seems to me like Little Man is on the weight chart for sure and there's nothing to worry

        I hear you about spoiling them and letting them sleep with you. We didn't do it with #1,
        but after the reflux diagnosis, you can know for damn sure I slept that baby on his tummy
        and NEVER heard him gurgle or choke on that stomach acid again... Second baby slept with
        me though.. he was a good snuggler.. #1 tried to kill me by wanting to stand at 3mo and
        WALKING at 9.

        He hasn't stopped yet.


        So anyway, good luck and yeah, just remember to drink more water, especially after
        a one glass (or more) wine night, since that stuff is so dehydrating no matter how little
        one has.

        Even one glass makes my eyes all scratchy at night and I'm not even nursing a baby... stealing
        my hydration!



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          No oatmeal here! I get my carbs from fruit & veggies. Today I made a pina colada protein smoothie using a banana, some pineapple spears, coconut cream, almond milk, ice, and isopure zero (about 70g carb-- 65 of it from fruit)). Dinner is beef & broccoli. Total damage for the day-- 90g carb. I try to drink a lot of water, too. I find that fat & protein satiate me more than anything else.
          --Trish (Bork)

          FOOD PORN BLOG!


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            Demand feeding is the best thing, the more you feed the more you make.
            Supply and demand
            if you think you need to try anything to up your supply, there are nursing teas, but in my 4 years of feeding I never had that problem, my 2 just fed constantly.


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              And alcohol? Really?
              I wouldn't be drinking any.
              Agree with drinking plenty of water.


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                And as for co-sleeping, its not spoiling them they don't do it forever, I promise.
                But I would not do it if you are drinking wine at night, not safe at all.


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                  Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
                  And as for co-sleeping, its not spoiling them they don't do it forever, I promise.
                  But I would not do it if you are drinking wine at night, not safe at all.
                  I think she said she drank a glass, not a gallon.

                  And as far as the co-sleeping thing goes, my youngest is almost 8 and sleeps in the same
                  bed as my husband, my eldest is almost 11 and I sleep in his room, in my own twin bed
                  while he sleeps in HIS own twin bed.

                  No excuse for the 8yo other than the parents are too lazy to MAKE him sleep in his own
                  room cuz all we care about is getting our sleep, but the almost 11yo sees dead people, just
                  like I used to from 18months until this very day at 44yo.

                  Talk about a serious drag.

                  So for me, it's been forever, AND my 11yo has YET to "sleep through the night" which I still
                  crack up about, even though it's ME he's waking up! HA!


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                    oh that is a surprise. My oldest is 5 and very rarely comes into our room now, and we co-slept till 2 both times. Our youngest is 2 years 9 months nearly and comes in a bit more often than his brother, but mostly in his own bed.
                    They only need us for so long

                    Still a glass is still a glass, but that is just my opinion, I wouldn't do it, but other people can do what they like. Plus I wouldn't drink while breastfeeding either, but again thats just me.


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                      Weleda Nursing Tea -- it's medicinal and good for you and stuff.


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                        i posed a similar question about 18 months ago. advised that if it helped with supply do it. it helped me. i still struggled and had to supplement with formula too. as per recommendation from an LC id seen several times with measurements in how much she was getting, and dietary advice for increasing supply - fenugreek made her gassy as heck so no bueno!
                        so i relay it to you. if you are noticing a difference and it helps you breastfeed bub, go for it.


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                          Back in the day - it was really frowned upon to co-sleep. Although how many times did one wake up in the morning having fallen asleep with the wee thing on the breast !!!!!!
                          I always found onions, chocolate and oranges gave my children terrible colicky pains, so kicked those really quick.
                          Anyway you do what you feel is right. You are the best judge of yours and babys health.
                          Enjoy it thou, the times goes all too quickly
                          "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                          ...small steps....


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                            we coslept from the beginning, so i recommend it. people still frown upon it, but we enjoyed it.


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                              G I think co-sleeping is still frowned upon in most places. Silly really, as perfectly safe if done correctly