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    Originally posted by Catrin View Post
    I've lost over 100 pounds in total. The 1800 calories comes from my most recent resting metabolic rate (they actually want me to consume ~2,100 calories daily) and I've a VERY intense workout/activity schedule so I need to have enough energy for that. I can mix the calories up on my rest days though, as long as I get enough protein... Between weights, metabolic/functional training, road cycling, mountain biking and hiking I am a very active 53-year old

    I've already decided to cut out all dairy and fruit for a couple of weeks, and cut back to ~1500 calories on rest days only and see what happens. I am SO close to my desired weight but am more concerned about dropping my body fat % WITHOUT losing muscle and hoping to gain muscle. I've been able to do both at the same time in the past year but it isn't easy.
    Congrats on your success!!!

    How long did it take for you to lose the 100 lbs?

    I don't think you have to worry at all about muscle loss, as long as you continue to train hard.

    However, I didn't realize about your history. And that's the only thing that concerns me. I wouldn't want to see you have lost the fat too fast only to gain a good amount back. A lot of that is mental.

    And that's why I highly recommend periods of maintenance after periods of success. But I also think getting over the mental hurdles of eating less and being flexible and not being afraid of food helps a lot too. Why? It's partially related to the idea of going 80/20.

    The idea is for you to know every method for calorie reduction at all times, and use it as a tool. That way you can be as flexible as you want and not have to be afraid of food anymore. If I want to go out on a hot date and eat what I want, I'll skip all meals that day prior to dinner. The same goes for holidays. If I have any days where I eat more, I can always make up for it by fasting or inserting days where I eat less calories.


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      Oh, it took me years to loose that weight. The last 60 pounds came off about 2.5 years ago - and indeed I've reversed diabetes 2 over the last 3 years. My A1C has been perfect for over 2 years now Over the last year I've only lost 10 pounds and that was at a very slow rate. I am VERY active and I am more concerned that my body has the energy it needs when it needs it Going primal was more about taking care of some physical issues than weight loss.

      I use some of those same techniques, I will eat less on days when I know that I am going out for a meal, or on rest days (depending on how much lifting I did the day before). IF doesn't work for me, so I don't go there.