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Uptake in veggies = more energy? Also, what's the deal with the 'Turnip'?

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  • Uptake in veggies = more energy? Also, what's the deal with the 'Turnip'?

    A few days ago I increased the amount of vegetables that I eat. After watching the Dr. Terry Wahls speech and about her miraculous recovery, I've made it my mission to more crucifers.... Just wondering how those of you who have done the same feel? I'm feeling like I have more energy than ever before. Placebo effect? Maybe, but I'm not sure. I've been gobbing down on steamed cabbage, broccoli, radishes, and turnips.

    Regarding the turnip, is it the turnip greens or the root itself that's a cruciferous veggie?

    Here's to happy eating!

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    The whole thing!


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      Vegetables have all sorts of great phytochemicals. But the high vegetable consumption probably left you in a bigger caloric deficit which can give some people a sort of "high".


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        I've never had increased energy from eating them, but I sure like a big portion of cruciferous vegetables as a side for a good steak.

        Usually I saute them in coconut oil and/or butter, and serve with a little hot sauce. Delicious!

        Just as a side note, chinese markets sell most of these vegetables at a steep discount to the local supermarket.
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          As much as I love and eat crucifers pretty much daily, there are people who ought to avoid or minimize their consumption, those with extreme Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's Disease(Thyroiditis). As crucifers are goitrogenic, as are some other foods like soy & peanuts & surprisingly, peaches & strawberries. Goitrogens: Thyroid Inhibiting Foods You Should Avoid. I agree with what others here have posited, that you are feeling the rush of clean living a la Primal Blueprint. Good job!
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            I've eaten massive tons if vegetables daily for years, so I don't really notice any changes in my energy level. I guess if it ain't broke...
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              i went off veggies to try a ketogenic diet for a little while, but i missed them. once i added them back in i felt like my energy was through the roof. i actually increased my veggies when i saw dr. whals' talk. i don't remember having more energy...just more gas. i've dialed back now, but i still eat what most people would call a lot of green.

              as for the turnip, the two parts go great together. mashed or roasted turnip next to some sauteed turnip greens. sounds tasty.