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  • Children's lunches photo thread

    I thought id start a thread with photos for kids lunch ideas, since i've seen a few people ask lately.
    I too would love more ideas. I did forget to take a photo this morning of my sons lunch box for his first day of school, but will start doing it tomorrow.
    Today I sent with him:
    Cheddar cheese sticks (just cheddar cheese) wrapped in slices of ham
    Lamb meatballs (my butcher makes these with just ground lamb and herbs and spices)
    Carrot sticks
    Sliced cucumber

    I suspect lots will come home, as he will be too busy having fun with his new friends, but I guess eventually ill get the amount right.
    Unfortunately its a nut free zone, so lots of things I would give him at home, I can't send to school. I get that kids have allergies, but it bugs me, as all of those muesli bars, and chip packets say they have come in contact with nuts etc, but yet they are still allowed, I wish they banned that garbage, but oh well.

    Thankfully he is happy to eat cold meat.

    I had made up a lunch box for my toddler with the same, except I also gave him guacamole since I just made it.

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    My son is in a nut-free class this year (such a staple for us!) but thankfully I can pack nuts in his lunches. I found it ironic that they put the GFCF kid in a nut free classroom to boot! They do let me send in special treats (nut-free) for parties, etc....otherwise the kids can only eat approved nut-free products free from cross-contamination.
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      Solstice how can you still pack nuts?

      Here is tomorrows lunch
      In the silver container is guacamole, and the meat at the front are lamb and mint sausages (nothing except meat and herbs)


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        Will also send a whole apple for recess break.
        He actually ate all of todays lunch except a few carrot sticks.


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          That's looks real good, I'm just too old to have my mom make that for me
          well then


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            Hehe my husband wanted one too LOL
            I am sure your mum would do it I will make lunches for my boys as long as they want me to


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              Ayla, that lunchbox looks divine! Lucky kids you have.


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                Thanks Shelli

                Since I am an awesome wife I made my husband up some containers too. Normally he will grab a meal from the freezer, or take leftovers from dinner, then just finds other stuff to take himself. Fruit is supplied at his work.

                He is also taking some chilli I made loaded with veg. There is always something frozen in the freezer for his lunches.
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                  Where do you get these containers? My husband likes a lot of veggies and fruit too but he only wants to carry a small lunchbox. With something like this I could load him up with lots of good stuff and it doesn't look too big.


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                    The kids ones are Planet Boxes.

                    The smaller ones for my husband are EcoBots, Amazon have them, or direct from EcoBots if you are in the US.
                    They are not too big at all.
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                      The box on the right is her breakfast--a Van's GF waffle (I normally make paleo pancakes but ran out of applesauce, glad I had waffles for backup), dried cranberries, and the yogurt tube. Lunch is on the left--shrimp, carrots and cucumbers, a string cheese, and you can't see it but there's a fruit leather as well. The boxes are LunchBots, I'm a little disappointed as they were a lot smaller than I expected, probably should have gotten the medium ones.
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                        kid food.jpg

                        Shaped hard-boiled eggs, prunes (we're having some "issues" at our house), and carrot, apple, and cheese cut-outs.
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                          aw damn images waiting for approval.
                          Do either of you have Photobucket?


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                            Oh banananutmuffin, I just recently bought your cookbook


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                              My kids aren't primal, and usually take a sandwich. But the rest of the lunch is primal...things like veg, fruit, giant meatball, venison pepperoni, cheese. Sometimes they'll have primal leftovers like soup or a chicken drumstick. They actually eat very little at school, which is fine with me. They come home and eat whatever they didn't finish plus a 2nd lunch after school
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