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  • Weight Loss and Calories?

    Hi All -

    I got confused on the calorie issue. If wanting to lose weight, should we be eating primal but still trying to stick to a certain calorie threshold? I thought weight loss really comes down to using more calories than you put in. So, would assume you'd want to still keep to a certain number.

    I want to lose around 5 lbs or so. My wife around 15 or so. At the start of the year, my wife lost 5 pretty quickly after not making much changes other than cutting out or drastically reducing breads/grains. There are aspects of her/our diet that are not primal (ie milk) but mainly, we eat relatively similar to primal, definitely cutting out/reducing the sugars/grains etc and no or limited processed stuff - cookies etc.

    Anyway, my wife stopped losing weight after the first few weeks.

    Is there a reasonable lbs/wk goal you should be looking at for weight loss? I thought about 1 lb per week? And how to achieve this? Primal + calorie limit?


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    I think the reason so many people don't worry about calories here is that if you're eating nourishing/satiating food, it's hard to overeat. If you cut all grains and sugars, you are pretty much going to loose weight. However, that doesn't work for everyone, so some people do need to count calories and set limit, however, some people see plateaus because they don't eat enough. The body is a strange thing man, you gotta figure out what works for you. I'd say go strict primal and make sure you get into the primal fitness (you'd be surprised how much difference that small amount of movement will help out)

    Good luck!


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      It depends on the person and how good you are at understanding your satiety cues, as well as your own weight loss goals. Theoretically, if you listen to your body and eat what it needs and stop when you're full, you will naturally stop at a point where you are eating at a caloric deficit and able to lose weight thusly. For others, satiety is a broken mechanism and they can and will overeat on primal foods, also they may go overboard on calorically dense foods like nuts, creams, and fats. Little bits will add up and create weight gain even on primal. You won't know if you need to track calories until you've been at it awhile with or without results.
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        Thanks for the input.
        Despite the 21 day 'hype' etc. Do you think there's a minimum/average time people (ie me, wife) should be doing this before expecting to see results? the problem with most health based stuff is the human brain wants quick results. I am thinking rather than 21 days, it's more like 3 to 6 months, allowing for the odd cheating etc.


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          I think if the results you are looking for are looking and feeling healthier, 21 days is probably enough time to see them. When you are close to a healthy weight for your height, the weight loss results may very well take longer. I am 2 lbs from my official goal and probably 12 from my optimal goal and I fully expect that these last few lbs will take as long as the 1st 60. I'm OK with that because I feel amazing and I don't stress over the non-primal stuff that pops up.

          I think too, that as you get closer to an ideal body weight, the sleep, stress reduction and physical training aspect of PB becomes more and more important.
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            yes could be more like 3 to 6 months.
            Some people get results quickly others do not.
            I wouldn't count calories till you get the hang of eating primal foods only, and really concentrate on eating only for hunger.


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              I've only been here 2.5 months so I can't say. The first weeks I lost 2 libs. Since then I haven't lost any nor gained any. But then I'm not trying to loose or gain. I also don't exercise much. I think that if I were a lot more active I'd be loosing weight.
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