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bacon vs side pork fat

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  • bacon vs side pork fat

    I am trying out side pork in place of bacon this week - any reason to store the fat separately? This is really FRESH side - it is as stiff as a board Cooking it with salt and pepper - it is a little thicker than I am used to but I think I like it! It is certainly less expensive than the really good dry rubbed black forest bacon I've been getting from Whole Foods...

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    Thats great...I just made "sausage" this morning from regular ground pork. Just takes a bit of spice and herbs to make bacon and sausage . I like my bacon extra thick anyhow.

    Oh just saw there was a question thrown in there. Nah, no reason.... pork fat is pork fat no matter which way you slice it


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      Thanks - that is what I thought but you never know. I make my own sausage from ground pork as well - it seems like they always have things in the ingredients that I don't want - especially canola oil...


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        We occassionally buy side pork instead of bacon. It's thicker and less likely to have so many additives. I don't understand your queston - 'store it seperately' from what?
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