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Need help gaining weiht after being sick

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  • Need help gaining weiht after being sick

    I could really use your help. I ended up doing something to my digestive tract last month, and I dis overed that I have refkux and horri le constipation now. I alsonended up with anxiety that did my digestion and my weight in as well. I lost 7-10 lbs. Inthree weeks. I have slowly been improvin, but it is still hard to take innlots of foodneithout getting bloated.nnI need to gain weight. I got a protein shake but that fills me up and doesn't have enough calories. What should I be eating or drinking to gain some weight back? I have been eating protein, fats, and nuts but those arent digesting even with all of the enzymes I am taking. I also have been eating avocados and sweet potatoes. Help! This gal needs to up her weight and be able to care for her special needs kids. I am down to 103 and can't afford to lose any more!

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    I know EXACTLY what you're going through. I started a thread on this same subject:
    Give it a read; it might kick-start some inspiration. Good luck to you!
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      Eat calorically dense foods, nut butters, avocado, fat cuts of meat, use fat in your recipes liberally. Eat a lot of sugary fruits, starchy vegetables.
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