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    Yeah, we usually make our dressing with apple cider vinegar,evoo and some pepper,they are pretty good. I am going to attempt to make some paleo mayo,but quite honestly I don't miss mayo as much as I thought I would.

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      What are the ingredients? That answers the question of should you eat it or not? Real food or not? It's simple.


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        Nutrition facts...


        As some said... Walden labs


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          Thanks for the responses. I know its probably bad for you but i dont need the calories from natural oils and what not. Mainly i was worried about stomach pains like i know some things like malitol and fiber give me.


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            Calories from real oil (the right oils) are good for you. What you don't want is anything with chemicals like that dressing has. Choose the calories. If you are eating a primal diet the calories from oil shouldn't be a problem.


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              Can someone tell me where or how they make this "Sour Cream Flavoring"

              im intrigued.


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                I think you are missing the point of Primal if you want to use those dressings. The splenda alone makes it a no go "by the rules". You can make your own lower fat dressings (use less oil). Or learn to eat and enjoy vegetables without salad dressings.

                If you are doing primal and have cut the grains and excess sugars, you have more calories you can consume; so, you can have some full fat dressing on your salad since you aren't say, having a roll.

                Use whatever you want, but if you don't up your fats, the Primal thing is probably not going to work for you. Primal also changes your palette. I have grown very sensitive to sugar tastes (ie, foods are too sweet) and it is what helps you develop new preferences for less processed foods. IE, for a snack, I'd rather have a banana than a snickers bar because I know the snickers bar won't taste good. If you keep eating artificially sweetened crap you will never lose this preference and will always want sweets.

                Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!