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Kidney stone issues...and the primal diet

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  • Kidney stone issues...and the primal diet

    Back story:

    My husband has had kidney stone issues since 1999. He is now 32 years old. Last July he had kidney stone surgery because he had a stone stuck in his ureter. His kidney had actually shut down because of the blockage. He only has issues with his left kidney, the right has never made a stone. Since 1999 he has had 6 kidney stone surgeries. Last year his doctor actually tested the stones (no doctor had thought to do that) and they were found to be mostly calcium. He was prescribed a diuretic and a potassium pill and told to limit meat. He's had follow up appointments every 2 months since July. In November his kidney was clear. On Monday, the x-ray showed two 2 millimeter stones in the left kidney. The doctor feels that since they grew so fast, that maybe these stones are a different kind, caused by uric acid build up. Meat is high in uric acid.

    What do we do? We've been trying to eat primally. Meat, veggies, dairy, nuts and a little fruit. He does drink a lot of tea (no sweeteners) and tea is high in uric acid too, if I'm reading correctly. Should he give up tea? Cut back on meat consumption? I can't find any specific info regarding kidney stones on Mark's Daily Apple.


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    Avoid a high oxalate diet too. A lot of common veggies have them.