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Blood Pressure and Magnesium Question

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  • Blood Pressure and Magnesium Question

    My blood pressure has been creeping up and I've done a lot of searching around the forum and see that a lot of folk have had great success with Magnesium supplements. Looking around, there seems to be a few different kinds of mag out there. Those that have had success with this, could you please share what type you've used and the dosage amount? Do you also use COQ10? Any recommendations there if so?

    Thanks and always appreciate the feedback and talk here. Very useful in getting things back in line.

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    I started taking magnesium to try and help with night leg cramps, which has helped, but isn't the complete solution - still trying to figure that out. I can't say I'd heard about mag's effects on blood pressure, but I had it taken at the dr's office last week and it was 118/68...though I've never had an issue with high bp, either.

    I take this: Carlson Labs - Liquid Magnesium
    I like that I can poke a hole in the gelcap and squeeze the liquid out under my tongue...I hold it there for 10 or 15 minutes before working it around in my mouth until it's gone. It seems to absorb better for me that way. Currently taking about 1200mg/day.

    Hope this helps!


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      Magnesium is one of the cardiac electrolytes that can lower blood pressure over time. Usually sodium can be a culprit for elevated pressure.

      200 - 400 mg of chelated Mg daily is what I take.
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