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Feeding a Toddler?

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    What kind of yoghurt do you buy Zoe?
    Mine want yoghurt, but I can only seem to find low fat, full of sugar crap.


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      My son was 2 when I started eating this way. He was 3 when I stopped buying the same favorites you have listed. I learned how to make primal versions and used to make treats so as not to have the family mutiny

      I just don't have that crap food in the house. I try to make stuff I know he likes as there is whole world of good food out there! He still gets Mac n cheese if we go out, but that is a rare treat. Keep trying new things. Start cooking real food from scratch all the time. It's our job to teach our kids right from wrong even when it is no fun at all!

      Oh and be prepared to be known as that weird house that doesn't have bread