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  • Tips for keeping on track

    How do you folks do it. I have managed to cut out bread etc but seem to go a couple of weeks being good then have a sneeky biscuit or chocolate bar, I just can't stop lol.
    Any tips, it's doing my head in lol

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    The longer you go without the easier it is to ignore them.
    Its just time and patience really.


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      You have to believe that it matters. Easy for me to say as I'm trying to reverse proven heart disease. You have to find what makes it important for you
      Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

      Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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        I always tell myself, "You know exactly what that tastes like." The chocolate bar is nothing new. You're not missing out by not having it.

        Also, when you start to see results, it's hugely motivating... so try to stick with it long enough to see results.


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          Stop beating yourself up over a chocolate bar or a biscuit. Eat the damn cookie. If that's your only "failure" every couple weeks, you're doing more than fine. Stop with the guilt already.
          F 28/5'4/100 lbs

          "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."