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Dining Out? Panera Hidden Menu is Paleo/Primal Friendly!

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  • Dining Out? Panera Hidden Menu is Paleo/Primal Friendly!

    Another forum I follow turned me on to the new "Hidden Menu" at Panera. You have to jump through a silly hoop of saying you want to order from the "Hidden Menu" and know in advance what you want, but if you are in a crunch and fast food is your only option, Panera is now a viable choice!

    Access into Panera's Hidden Menu :: Articles & Tips :: MyPanera

    The Mediterranean Chicken Salad sounds particularly good to me. The Steak and Egg breffast sounds good too!

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    wahhh, not available in Canada :-(
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      While I think I would need both those breakfasts to feel full, this looks awesome for a fast food option!
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        Yeah it's too bad it's not in Canada. Truth be told there isn't really a Panera convenient to me that I know of, but it's nice to know that if I was near one and NEEDED FOOD RIGHT NAOW that I could go there. :P


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          Wow - thanks for discovering this. For fast food type eating (and eating while traveling), these seem like great options.


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            Mmm canola oil
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              I had the steak wraps a couple months ago. It wasn't that good. A better option than McDonald's, of course, but I wouldn't eat this stuff unless it was an emergency.
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                Thanks for posting this. Went to Ruby's (a Southern California chain) the other night, and found they now offer gluten free buns with their burgers. Unfortunately I forgot to tell them to hold the mayo.


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                  That's pretty interesting! I haven't been to a Ruby's Diner in ages.