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  • Buttermilk.

    SO. I like dairy things.

    But I'd never had anything beyond butter, cheese, yogurt and regular milk until just this past year, when I tried kefir. It was pretty good.

    So the other night I tried buttermilk for the first time. It's not even remotely close to the image I had when I heard the words "Butter" and "Milk" combined. Firstly, it was effervescent. Moreso than the brand of Kefir I was buying. Second, it was even more sour than kefir.

    My S.O. is lactose intolerant, which has been fun. Typically we keep lactaide, but she rarely remembers to bring it or use it because she's silly. Since we've been together we sort of did the soymilk / almond milk route more, though I kept myself some actual milk.

    Interestingly, the (cultured) buttermilk doesn't seem to have affected her. I guess the lactose is converted out by the culture.

    Anyways, are there any other positives to drinking straight cultured buttermilk (or using it in a recipe) that we're aware of? I know kefir's good for colonizing your insides with good microbes, and I figure maybe buttermilk might also achieve that.