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I don't like eggs.

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    Homemade mayo or bernaise/hollandaise sauce. By the time you add heap of mustard and vinegar you'd be hard pressed to taste the egg. Yumm.

    Or any form of baking. Google paleo muffins and you get heaps of ideas using coconut or nut flours.


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      Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
      Reminds kids love bananna/egg pancakes.

      Just 2 eggs/1 banana. Blend for 10 seconds (or mash) and pour out as pancakes cooked in butter or coconut oil. Top with some real maple syrup or honey if your feeling frisky.

      I usually do 4eggs/2bananas to feed both my 5 and 3 year olds breakfast.
      this is how i sneak eggs into my 2yo's diet!

      edit: also add about a table spoon of almond meal because its a bit runny for me to flip. also if im feeling somewhat creative (read this as ive actually had a decent nights sleep), ill add some vanilla extract and cinnamon.


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        What about the poached egg version or omelet?