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    Day Two

    I'm glad the soup was good. Strangely, I have noticed that when I am fasting (as opposed to IFing) I LOVE to cook and prepare food, without feeling any desire to eat it. Yesterday I made dried apples, and had everyone else sample them, and felt perfectly satisfied just smelling them and seeing how others were enjoying them. I also engaged in a long discussion with Littlest about sushi, and felt excited to make some...for her.

    I guess my mind can work with the absolutes of fasting: no food, nope, not even a taste, don't worry about it. I fear I would do very well in a totalitarian regime. Not that I would LIKE it, but I would probably thrive.

    I woke up feeling good: caught up on my sleep(10 1/2 hours) and feeling refreshed. My stomach feels empty, but not particularly hungry. (Of course, just as I type this, it let out a big gurgle!)

    Yesterday I enjoyed a good dry skin brushing in the morning, and a detox bath while sipping detox tea in the afternoon. I still have not done any walking. Just don't feel like it. But all my other activities are proceeding apace. My energy is good.

    How about everybody else?


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      Feeling good, but I am thinking I will break my fast at 6:30 tonight. That will put me at 72 hours. We are going to watch the Super Bowl at our local theater, and I'm thinking I want to enjoy some Super Bowl food. I will probably have a bunless burger with guacamole, and give the fries to my Honey.

      This isn't from hunger, but just a desire to participate in the Super Bowl with some food. I guess it is as good a reason as any.


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        I forgot I was going to fast LOL.
        Just had raspberries and double cream, so will start now
        And wow 72 hours! Great.


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          Day Three

          I finished with a big dinner for Super Bowl. The beef patty, as expected, plus the sweet potato fries, and some queso. Felt a little off after the fries, but recovered quickly, and enjoyed it all. Feeling good this morning, and NOT hungry. I felt like a walk yesterday, so got in 40" at a slow pace, and it was just right.

          So, this fast was within my 2-4 days range (72 hours) but felt short to me. I think in March I will push myself to do the full 4 days. Luckily, there will be no Super Bowl to tempt me. I did not notice ANY light-headedness this time at all.

          Sorry it didn't seem to work out for any one else this time. Join me in March if you're so inclined. My plan for this year is to do a regular fast at the beginning of every month.

          Update- had a normal bowel movement this morning, so my digestion and elimination seems to have picked up where it left off without difficulty. I think this is a good sign that my body is handling the fasts well.
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