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Low energy levels 30 days in with high metabolism/low body fat

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  • Low energy levels 30 days in with high metabolism/low body fat

    My wife and I went primal as of the first of the year. I have a high metabolism and low body fat and wonder if it has something to do with my low energy levels. I am a martial arts instructor and I would not compare my requirements to the endurance athletes I see talked about here but I'm active in a very Grok kind of way. Lots of general movement with bursts of intense effort.

    Before going primal I typically ate whatever I wanted including lots of sugary sport drinks/ Mountain Dew /fast food and probably consumed a huge number of calories daily without gaining weight. I didn't go primal for weight loss but for general health instead. My wife is interested in weight loss and we are doing it together.

    Any suggestions on how to raise my energy level? I'm already ripped so I don't have a pool of stored body fat to draw off of.

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    Bueller? Anyone? Ideas? Any other fast metabolism type have fatigue issues going primal?


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      What does your diet look like? Show us an average day.

      The two big, burning questions are going to be:

      1.) Are you sure you're eating enough calories?
      2.) Are you eating enough carbohydrate for your activity level?
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        Most likely it will be both carbs and cals.


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          I went through this for a while. I started out as a size 2/4 so there isn't much to lose. I increased my energy by eating more sweet potatoes and more protein. I also eat fruit pretty freely.

          Increasing my food intake enabled me to have the energy to start working out regularly.

          Right now, I focus on getting as much good sleep as I can, and eating more.


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            You may still be adjusting to the diet. Depending on how "carby" you diet was before your switch to primal eating, you might need as much as a month or two to fully become "fat adapted" (capable of regularly switching between fat and carbs for fuel). I'd say give it more time.

            Also, eating carbs to match activity level is key. The more active you are, the more carbs you can consume without ruining the "fat adapted" state you are trying to reach because you will hopefully be burning through all of those carbs and then returning to utilizing fat for fuel. It's hard to give an exact recommendation for your situation though because this is really something you have to determine for yourself. Experiment, experiment, experiment to find your adequate carb level.

            Something a lot of primal folks do is eat more carbs on workout days (again, experiment to match your level to your activity) and eat VLC (less than 50 grams of carbs) on rest days. I would recommend experimenting with this to see if it works for you. If not, you can increase carbs daily, just make sure you're still in that "fat adapted" state.
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