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About to begin my one meal a day trial and looking for some advice.

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  • About to begin my one meal a day trial and looking for some advice.

    I'm a 31 year old male that is 5'7" tall and weigh 185 pounds. Way too heavy if you ask me. I have that skinny fat look. I look bloated in my pictures and I used to have a good defined adam's apple. I don't have that anymore. I'm trying to go back to my high school weight but to have more defined muscles now. My workout routine will help with the defined muscles.

    I want to try it out for a month and see if it works for me or not. If it does work for me and my lifestyle. I would be overjoyed to say the least. I just have some questions.

    1. Will the hunger pains and loss of energy go away and when will it go away?
    2. Should I eat something small when I wake up or just drink water? For example eat some raw broccoli I bought from Costco and drink water in the morning?
    3. I work a full time warehouse job. It keeps me active. Will I be okay working a fast paced active job while eating one meal a day? Also when I get home I will be doing the Ten Sets of Hell workout routine 3-5 days a week.
    4. Will I truly have more energy eating one meal a day like I have read from other people's experiences?
    5. If I do need to eat something what should I eat when I wake up?
    6. Are there any drawbacks to doing this? I don't go out to eat at all. It's just my wife and I. We stay home a lot and most likely more in the future when my son will be born in a few months.
    11. Should I take any vitamin supplements while doing this? I currently take Men's One a Day multivitamin.

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    Well how long have you been primal?
    If you feel hungry you should eat. IF is not about starving yourself, its about not needing to eat.
    You can only try, it may work for you, it may not.


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      Can I just give a simple answer?

      If you're working a busy warehouse job, I definitely don't recommend only eating one meal. Two is better.

      I say this because I used to do construction work, so I know what it's like. You need carbs to do well with that type of work, and if you don't eat at all you'll likely hit the wall. Of all the construction workers I've known, the guys who only ate one meal per day were either fat or too skinny. On the other hand, I've known a lot of workers who skip breakfast, and they're typically in the best shape.

      Now such observations could be just a coincidence. But I can positively comment based on my personal experience. I don't think I could have gone the full working day on no meals without hitting the wall. But I did always have a small gut on me. And looking back on it, I am sure I could have easily done well from skipping breakfast.

      Take note that now days I only eat 1-2 meals per day. But its easier to get away with because I work an office job.

      Anyways, here's a good way to think about it:
      When you first wake up, you shouldn't be hungry because you aren't fully awake yet. You probably also have plenty of glycogen stored from the meal the night before. So you can easily last until lunch. You'll build up hunger over the morning. But that's ok. It's better that way because you build up anticipation for lunch, the meal will taste better, and you'll feel a lot fuller. So have a coffee for breakfast (if coffee is your thing), a good lunch, and a bigger dinner.

      Also realize that what you eat when you eat will make up all the difference. My bet is that if you keep it primal, especially since you're active during the day, you'll drop the fat in no time.

      As for workout, I'd say just do two weight workouts per week. That should be all you need. Use the extra time to spend with your wife and child.