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Will you fast any time? Do any of you just fast when ever you want?

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  • Will you fast any time? Do any of you just fast when ever you want?

    I fasted over the weekend because I wanted to drop a little bit of fat. It was easy.

    Then I ate yesterday. But today I haven't yet because I'm too lazy to cook and I guess I'm just don't feel hungry. So I'll probably skip again.

    Does anyone else do it that way? It seems like a more primal/natural way of doing it.

    As a side note on fasting:
    When I first learned about fasting, I recall a friend of mine who used to eat what ever he wanted when ever he wanted. It was pretty much the same thing as another friend who was always thin. The only difference, was that he always worked out and lifted weights, but the skinny guy didn't. The results? He was always lean, muscular, and strong.

    Why? Because my friend never read books, was very stubborn, and refused to listen to conventional wisdom. He didn't think he needed food prior to working out; with his mental toughness, he believed that the workout was all that he needed to make him strong. And as for diet? He never had an excuse to overeat. If he wasn't hungry he wouldn't eat.

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    If I am not hungry I don't eat.


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      I fast.

      20 hour fast 4 hour feast. But I do switch it up, keep the body guessing. Once a week, or once in two weeks, I won't eat at all- translates into roughly 36-40 hours without eating.


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        I fast naturally. I eat one meal a day and have done so most of my life. I don't really get hungry. I just like food.
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          I don't eat breakfast so I fast for about 16 hrs and will have either 2 or 3 meals a day.


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            I used to skip breakfast pretty religiously (at least during the work week) for about two years. Lately though I've been having sardines for breakfast at work, sometimes I throw a handful of almonds and always a few dashes of hot sauce. For starters I really like it, secondly I was going through some shit (heavy anxiety, mostly) and read "The Mood Cure" and the author stresses eating a protein+fat breakfast if you're going through that sort of thing. So even though I was already not religiously fasting, I made it a point to have some sort of breakfast everyday and I've been doing that for about a month now - if it's not sardines at work (I have a big ol stash here) it's eggs and greens at home. I also read about Poliquin's "meat and nut" breakfast so I started adding a small amount of nuts to go with my protein. I think I do feel better doing things this way. I didn't have problems fasting (and don't believe my anxiety was at all related to skipping breakfast, but it could have made me more prone to it) but it did make noon/1pm a time where I NEEDED to eat. Now by eating breakfast I can wait longer to have lunch.

            My weight hasn't really fluctuated much through doing this, not sure how that works since technically I am eating more, but I guess to the tune of 300-400 calories in the morning it's not making a dramatic difference. Also, my breakfasts are pretty low carb FWIW.

            Some days though, like today, I'm not feeling as hungry and my anxiety issues have severely decreased, so I feel confident enough to go without breakfast this morning. I always drink water/tea so as to keep dehydration at bay though, regardless of whether I had breakfast or not.
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              I have fallen into a natural rythym of fasting from my only meal each day until the next day. So basically a 22-24 hour fasteach day. For me it happened after I instituted the daily oil in a tasteless window. Don't now why, don't know how, don't care. It works


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                Originally posted by Ripped View Post
                He didn't think he needed food prior to working out; with his mental toughness, he believed that the workout was all that he needed to make him strong.
                I agree with this and it's how I do it.

                I believe you are basically describing Mark's eat WHEN idea: When Hunger Ensues Naturally. It is how I do it, too, but I have to admit I'm hungry pretty regularly.
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                  I also eat one meal a day. That meal is very low carb and I eat it between 3 and 5 pm. Recently started adding in 2 tbsp of refined organic coconut oil to help curb the evening growlies. It's working, and soft facial skin is a nice bonus.


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                    I usually eat 3 meals a day, but if I have something more important/interesting to do, I may postpone a meal that turns into skipping a meal. Just some weeks ago I noticed that my desire for snacks is gone.


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                      I usually eat the bulk of my food in two meals, the biggest meal at 6 pm and another somehow smaller at 9.30 pm. Then I skip eating until 2 pm when I eat some raw vegetables and maybe a little fresh cheese or a few eggs, so if this can be called fasting, well then I am also fasting...
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                        Its the end of the month and my stipend has run out, so I'm fasting more frequently than normal. I'm digging stuff out of my freezer, but I still end up not eating as much or as often as I normally would.

                        But, yeah, I figure if I'm really super hungry, then I'll get my lazy butt up and cook. If not - well, I guess I'm not that hungry!