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  • Blood Work Issues

    So I have read a a bunch of the post on Cholesterol and to not worry about high numbers and to not worry about elevated cholesterol numbers. I have to do blood work each year as part of health evaluations for my work to get a discount on health insurance. I had blood work drawn last January as part of that and you are supposed to maintain or improve your score.

    General Stats -
    Male, 31, 160lbs
    Fat 50-55%
    Carb 25-30%
    Protien 20-25%

    Last January my numbers were:
    LDL: 130 Calculated

    Nothing to worry about...over the course of the year I was improving what I was eating paleo wise (buying cleaner meats, pastured eggs, less cheats, etc)

    So then in October I had blood work done at a Naturopath. I was feeling a little run down and my digestion was a little off.

    Iron: N/A
    LDL: 83 Calculated

    These numbers were even better and I was super excited. The only thing that came up was that I was B12 anemic, which I thought was weird considering all the meat, eggs etc I was eating. Got B12 injections and take B12 everyday now. Still haven't gotten to the root cause but my digestion is much better lately.

    So now in December I had to do my blood work again for had only been 12 weeks between tests and I got these results...

    Glucose: 87
    Iron:157 HIGH Normal is below 155 so not too high but still
    TC: 267 Highest I have ever had in my life!!
    LDL: 188 Highest I have ever had in my life!

    So I called the company and said they fucked it up and wanted another test. So they agreed seeing my results from October.

    Here are my results from 2 days ago....

    Glucose: 95 Highest I have ever had!!!
    Iron: 169 Still going up!!
    Tri:105 Going up!
    LDL: 169

    Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. What kind of Dr or person should I go to work on correcting these issues. I also feel like even though all my thyroid numbers are normal I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I should also mention that I have Health Anxiety so this is particularly stressful to deal with.

    Thanks - Jeb

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    Have you done any changes to your diet or experimented with anything recently or after october?
    Since the only thing you mention is the B12 injections, have you re-tested your B12 levels since and see if you still need them?
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      One of my coworkers was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency last fall. She told me that B12 deficiencies may point to underlying problems. Maybe there's something else going that's messing with your numbers?


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        I was reading about high LDL on a high fat, low carb diet.
        Maybe this High LDL on Paleo Revisited: Low Carb & the Thyroid | Perfect Health Diet explains a few things? I haven't read all of it yet.
        Currently eating strict Paleo, no rice or potatoes. I want to increase carbs and make sure my ratio of carbs, protein and fat is right for me.
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          I always tell people to check your liver numbers! The liver controls the cholesterol and can affect it if it's not happy or doing well.


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            Do you mean AST and ALT function tests?


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              Yep and...

              AST, ALT, GGT, DIRECT BILI, albumin and total protein, PT/PTT, CBC

              These are standard tests my son gets. It looks at ALL the liver function and tells a lot.


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                DIRECT BILI:.21
                PT/PTT: N/A
                CBC: All blood counts were normal

                Everything was in range....


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                  I mean some of your numbers are in the realm of day to day variance. Your cholesterol numbers for instance can swing 30 points just from one day to the next.

                  Are you having any symptoms at this time?
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                    What kind of symptoms? I feel like my normal self for the most part.


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                      Consider donating blood and/or cut down on red meat.