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  • Egg yolk color

    What color would indicate best nutrition? When I buy supermarket organic the yolks are always kind of orangd. When I buy from a more farmer-like store they're always very bright yellow. Which one would be "healthier". I think grain-fed chickens do not have as many fatsolubke vitamins in their eggs
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    Probably don't worry so much about the color so much, it depends on what the hen is eating. They can add marigold powder to the diets to change the color of the yolks. It would be best to just get pastured eggs from a trustworthy source.

    Although I almost threw up when I switched back to store bought eggs after a predator got all my chickens. When I cut into my fried egg, the yolk that spilled out looked like whitish, yellow pus. So a nice crisp color is what you're looking for I guess, but bright yellow or orange, it doesn't matter.


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      If I remember correctly; the yellow color comes from sulfur and the orange from beta-carotene, like in carrots, somebody may correct me if I am wrong…
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        My chickens' eggs have a much deeper orange color than store bought organic eggs.

        My girls free range on grass and get to dig through my compost scraps as well. The yolk also "stands up" in the pan more than store bought eggs. I also get to pull eggs out of the coop and put them directly into my pan.


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            The eggs from free ranging non grain fed chickens we buy are bright orange. They are huge and often get double yolks too.


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              Like the others said, bright, deep colour matters more than exactly what colour. And egg yolks that stand high and rounded in the pan indicate very fresh eggs.

              My 6 girls put out about 4-6 eggs per day. The colour is a bit different in the dead of winter with minimal to no free-ranging (they hate snow and we have LOTS!), but even on a diet of only pellets, the eggs are deeply coloured and large. I think it has to do with happy chickens, as there are various things that are noticeable when chickens are stressed.


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                I have read that when chickens eat greens that their yolks are more orange. The color is very much effected by their food. I'm sure that the info is all out there if you just google it. Most chickens are feed grain in the winter as foraging gets pretty tough.


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                  Raised chickens all our lives and sold eggs. Darker yolks is free range, nothing more, nothing less.
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