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    Not sure I want to restart this thread, but here goes!

    I am in the middle of stringing together 30 consecutive Whole30 days. I have been 80/20 Paleo since July 2012 (and a member here) but my 20 was literally sugar. I needed to find a way to halt my habit and Whole30 fit the bill. I have no intention of staying Whole30 past my 30 consecutive days, and I don't think the authors ever say that restrictive eating should be 365 days a year.

    It is CRAZY restrictive, but not really unhealthy when you think about it being a month of your life.

    I have been sugar free for about 47 of of the past 50 days. For me, that is fantastic! I've restarted my W30 twice because of sugar intake, but only because those days were not just a bite of sugar but a binge. Before you say the restricted eating caused the binge... I've binged while Paleo, too.

    Doubting someone because they were a former drug addict sure is odd. I find it kind of motivating myself.

    Like every forum, there are crazy nuts who pick apart everything posted. Right now I have a stalker who loves to tell me W30 isn't an elitist group so I cannot get on my grass fed beef or organic soap box. Oh, well.

    I will be back here when my sugar dragon is slayed. I am grateful that I found "It Starts With Food" because for me it is working to reach my specific goal. I cannot wait to eat oats, bacon (has brown sugar. gasp) and cheese again!
    Age 48
    Start date: 7-5-12
    GOAL: to live to be a healthy and active 100

    "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties."
    Henri Frederic Amiel


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      I know this thread has been long-dead, but just in case someone considering Whole30 finds it in their search, here are a few comments: I'm almost at the end of my first Whole30 (after 12 years of primal). I've found it very useful, because it helped me realize how dependent I had become on cheese as a quick meal-substitute, and my nightly bourbon.

      Some points to clear up:
      a. It's not at all low-carb; the moderators on the Whole30 forum are constantly harping on people to eat more, more, more starchy veggies, especially sweet potatoes and winter squash. And fruits, which are also hardly low carb.
      b. Ghee is strongly encouraged, so you can eat all the butter-fat and its associated good vitamins and oils as you like.


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        I started out with Whole30 after having a terrible vegan diet and it was nice for that initial start... was a huge shock to my system! Ended up losing a lot of weight that needed to go. For a while now I've been wanting to do it again because the 80/20 thing doesn't seem to be working so well when that 20 is ramen and salt and vinegar chips. Plus Whole30 has guidelines for vegetarians when pretty much every other paleo plan I've seen refuses to even try making suggestions for those of us that don't eat meat. The Whole30 shopping lists make it easy to jump right in; it's just like here's a list of things to eat and don't buy anything else. Somehow that makes it easier to actually stick to the program.
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          I've just finished my whole30 this last week, and am now at the reintro stage. I didn't find it hard at all, surprisingly, as I was convinced I would struggle with no dairy ( milk in drinks and cheese on everything ), but when I found a great coconut milk that worked well in hot drinks it was game on! Now that I've reintroduced dairy, I find that I much prefer tea/coffee with coconut milk instead. Also, I'm over my cheese addiction/dependence. Reintroduced that and just wasn't that excited by it plus I didn't feel very healthy eating it. I reintro'd gluten yesterday so I'm currently assessing that, tho that is something I would largely avoid anyway as it does nobody any good. But I've found dairy def does make me more phlegmy generally ( always blowing nose, no matter wot the weather for e.g ).
          For me the whole30 was all about spring - cleaning/detoxing my body from the potential " bad guys " in food, self - experimenting to see wot aggravates my health ( if anything ) and just eating real food. Cos ultimately that's what it's all about, right? Whether it's labelled as Paleo, Primal, LCHF, Atkins etc. Everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, cut out the crap and just eat real food. Would recommend it to anyone. Surely the only difference with W30 and Paleo is some people have dairy with Paleo? So W30 is a strict Paleo - type diet. My plan is to do the 21 day challenge on here when I've finished my reintro/evaluations.