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dad's blood test

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  • dad's blood test

    Okay, so I knew my dad wasn't in that great of health, judging by his constant pain / bad temper etc.

    Of course, his vitamin D was low. But then, lo and behold, my mom told his triglyercides were THREE TIMES higher than the normal. I'm looking at it right now, and it says "751" !!!!

    Is this just an abnormal/faulty test, or is something seriously wrong? o.O
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    I'd be curious to know what he is eating. That is definitely high but very possible on a diet high in refined carbohydrates such as white flour, sugar, corn syrup. From what I have read the best way to lower triglycerides is to lower refined carb consumption. He may see remarkable results in doing so. Hang in there, I have known some people to have levels that high before into old age....but its better if it can be lowered, especially if it can be through diet


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      There is always the possibility of lab error. But, as Jesse said, high trigs usually indicate a diet high in carbohydrate. Many people's (including me) have had trigs drop like a stone with reduced carb consumption. What were his other cholesterol panel results?
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        If he is a drinker that can also greatly effect trigs.


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          When my son was in liver failure is tri. were in the 2000's.

          Hope they checked his liver, the two go hand in hand.


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            Did he switch to the primal diet recently? When I had my dad try a low carb ketogenic diet, his triglycerides tripled as well. His liver is fucked. He's also diabetic, so I helped his A1C but probably did no favors for his liver. Your father needs his liver function checked.


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              Yeah, you need to look at that in the context of his complete metabolic panel and figure if its likely just a lab error or if he needs further testing.