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Any way to duplicate sugar satisfaction?

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  • Any way to duplicate sugar satisfaction?

    When I used to eat sugar, that initial few minutes after eating it felt so blissful... of course, the crash and crankiness and negative effects later on, but I haven't found any primal food that duplicates the sugar happiness, lol. Dark chocolate gives me energy and focus but not that blissful sensation. Is this a trick of unhealthy manmade foods or have you found a primal counterpart?
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    Banana fried in butter then drizzled with almond butter/cocoa/honey mixture is a pretty blissful experience for me. If you do honey i'd recommend the local raw kind.
    It's great with pecan nuts too.


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        Don't sweet things trigger the feel-good neurotransmitters? I view cutting sugar out as trying to get off a drug. Your brain is accustomed to certain levels of transmitters due to sugar. If you let your brain get re-accustomed to a new normal baseline (without the sugar), then simpler things will trigger the good feelings that you're craving.

        That's my take on it anyway. Sorry if it didn't make much sense. I just got off a 12hr day at work. :P


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          Originally posted by heatseeker View Post

          and if you can't get this, honey and yogurt are pretty awesome too
          yeah you are

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            bananas, cream and melted dark chocolate.
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              Originally posted by heatseeker View Post
              Yeah, or heroin. Or razor blades if you're a cutter. It may take some time to wean yourself away from that feeling, but don't kid yourself that it can be harmlessly replicated.

              Actually, recently, the closest thing I've found so far is the way I feel during the 5-6 hours between my morning coffee with heavy cream and my first real meal, except that feeling is more like power and less like desperation.
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                pretty sure just eating sugar will be fine
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                  you americans are more relaxed than i thought :-)


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                    I view cutting sugar out as trying to get off a drug.


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                      Roast pork belly. Bliss without the high
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                        The only sensation that comes remotely close is the first sip of coffee in the morning.
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                          Roasted chicken wings. Pork straight from the oven, with chilli/chocolate and sea salt. The fat from the said pork.


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                            It's not food but during the first hour right after a Crossfit WOD (or any other super intense exercise) I feel better than what I used to feel right after a sugar/chocolate overdose... I guess I am a different kind of addict now


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                              Runner's high is pretty close. Doesn't have to come from running, just any intense exercise that lasts over 20 min. It's hard to start sometimes, but that release of pleasure hormones is awesome.

                              I would also recommend trying hot peppers. I find that the Master Cleanse lemonade sans sweetener, with hot water, lemon and cayenne pepper often brings in a happy energetic feeling. Experimenting with various hot peppers can help you find the pepper that will just release the pleasure hormones without triggering too much pain.

                              Fruit, particular after a few years of enforced avoidance and restrictions is a huge lovely thing. For me it's apples and grapefruits rather than bananas (never liked 'em). Also, if you bake sweet potato, and make a souffle out of it with egg white with cinnamon and vanilla in a micro (I whip it in a Magic Bullet), it is so sweet, it's almost disgusting, but tastes wary.

                              Baby carrots and baby tomatoes have a way of being mood-lifting and bliss-inspiring.

                              Raw unpasteurized honey packs a hit of sweetness so powerful that a tablespoon is likely to send you in a coma of happy. I would not mix it with yogurt, because it reduces the impact.

                              Some people experience the highs from nuts and some - from coconut oil and peanut butter/other nut butter (yes, peanuts are legumes, and all that jazz, but really).
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