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Lard vs coconut oil

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  • Lard vs coconut oil

    So I have come to the realization that the last time I bought coconut oil was a long time ago but lard is on the shopping list weekly. Used along with bacon drippings.

    Should I be concerned that I love my broccoli, bacon,sweet potato and lard
    bacon ,onion, cabbage and lard.
    What about the carrots roasted in lard to go with the roast pork?

    I find the taste of coconut oil artificial and much prefer the taste of lard and this morning I noticed how the coconut oil is at the back of the pantry. I am beginning to wonder though if I am missing out on 'something' with the coconut oil.

    So MDA folks who love the research and can decipher the complicated bits can anyone tell the story in plain English? Shoud I be using coconut oil over lard?
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    something to do with medium chain fatty acids and how your body uses them.

    Go to the blog section and search coconut oil and Mark explains it in user-friendly language


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      Lard is fine. MDAers love coconut oil because it contains medium chain fatty acids that are directly utilized for energy and therefore bypassed being slapped onto your waistline. If you don't like the taste, you can try refined organic coconut oil, or forgo it altogether. Nothing says you have to eat what you don't like just for the sake of health.
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        Thanks guys
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