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Feeling good since going primal but...

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  • Feeling good since going primal but...

    I've been primal now since the New Year started and I love the lifestyle and I do feel good but as of yet I haven't noticed any changes in weight either on the scale or clothes fitting differently. I'm eating between 40-60 grams of carbs a day , no grains or dairy and most of my meats are grass fed. At 5'10" and 207lbs I know I'm nowheres near where I should be. Calorie intake between 1500-1700 using my fitness pal. maybe I have 1 piece of fruit a day and a few almonds for a snack . Just thought I should start to see some results by now. Maybe I'm just a little impatient?

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    it can take a while for some. Just stick with it, as suggested in the book, and things will happen.


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      Yeah, give it awhile. Stick with the "I feel good" part. I always give up a couple weeks into it because of no weight loss, then I immediately feel crappy again and wish I hadn't quit.


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        Thanks for the responses, I really do like the eating plan and not looking at this as not just a weight loss program but a permanent way of life


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          Fasting for 24 hours on a non-working day is an idea... growth hormone boost at the 18 hour mark will induce lipolysis(fat burning).


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            One other thing I notice is that I seem to be sleeping better than before PB