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Sugar binge cycle-need advice!

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    Happy Paleo Girl, sounds good.


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      Yes, for now, eat your fruit and starch with fat. But if you just give up fruit, you run the risk of just going nuts. A few people do eliminate all sugars with fruit and have had success.
      However, it just takes time. You will fail, just start over. Each failure will become less often and smaller. It does take a while. Also, make 100% sure that you are not eating processed sugar in things like sauces etc. Read labels.

      I eat more carbs and havefound the longer I have stayed on it, the more fruit satisfies any cravings for sweets. If I don't have the fruit, I crave the bad stuff.

      I used to have awful sugar binges, and I have really gained control with PB but it took a good year. Like I said, now I can enjoy occasional treats. I don't keep any sweets around anymore- no ice cream, no chocolate. Only fruit. But an occasional splurge on cake or something no longer triggers more cravings.

      You might also look into Whole 30. It eliminates all sugar except fruit, for a month, no 20%. That plan really brought home to me all of my issues with sugar, from the emotional component, habit etc. I came out of that understanding why I eat sugar. I came up with non food ways of handling the emotional component, for the "habit", I found fruit works just as well, so now I only eat sugar for enjoyment.... which is the very occasional amazing sweet- the best cheesecake, or a home made cookie. So I haven't abandoned sugar- it's role is just now what it should be- an occasional treat eaten as a treat- not to soothe boredom or a bad day, and not out of habit.
      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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        Fantastic result Magnolia.


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          I cheated once (drank a Diet Pepsi - my biggest enemy) and I spend the rest of the night rooting through my pantry looking for anything that had sugar in it! I think once you get the first taste of that cheat, everything spirals downward.

          I repeated this several times. (I'd like to say it was in the name of self-experimentation, but I just really wanted that pop, dammit!) Every. Single. Time. I craved sugar after I drank one! The feeling of craving that sugar and not being able to fulfill it was enough discomfort for me that I got rid of every last pop in my house. I'm not going to do it again!