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    Recently I had a BioSignature assessment with a Charles Poliquin trained practitioner and was informed I had an imbalance of cortisol which was causing me to store body fat in this region of my body.

    I'm a classic ectomorph body type with a body fat % of 19% with the excess body fat being around my abdomen. I am 6ft 3, 78kg and used to do lots of running as well as resistance training.

    My training programme devised from this assessment is to: lift heavy compound exercises 3 sets of 8 reps four x per week; cut out my long duration cardio; cut out all carbs; increase my protein intake; meat and nuts for breakfast; and increase my intake of fish oils, zinc, multi-vitamin tablets.

    My goal is to just tone up with maybe 3-5kg increase in lean body mass and loose this little excess body fat around my abdomen.

    Do you think it is absolutley essential to cut out all carbs (sweet potatoe, yams, butternut squash etc) or just for the first 30 days or so?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Warm regards
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    I did Biosignature and lost about 6% of my bodyfat (22% down to under 16%) in a couple of months and gained a little bit of muscle (just to add - I'm a woman). I did eat under 50 g of carbs a day - still do - but it's because I am terribly insulin resistant and my insulin sites (back and lovehandles) have always been above anything else.
    Nobody here can really tell you whether to follow the advice of your BS practitioner or not - it is your choice. Or you can experiment and see what works best for you personally. Generally I think if you don't have a problem with insulin, there is no reason to cut carbs. Did he tell you to have a carb reload once in 5-7 days, if you do follow low carb protocol?
    With cortisol issues I would focus most on staying off cardio, sleeping A LOT and eating clean - it should sort itself out pretty quickly. Good luck!


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      Low carb can also be a stress = bad for cortisol problems
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        Thank you both. I agree, its all about experimenting as there is no silver bullet.

        When you say carb re-load, you mean eat low glycemic carbs every 5-7 days? Is this to prevent becoming overly stressed as PaleoMom writes?

        Also, when one talks of eating 50 g of carbs is that measured by looking up the nutritional value of such foods then working the amounts from there. And as for fruits, they are counted as carbs so ideally one wants to stick to just low glycemic fruits?

        Pardon me for my ignorance!


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          If you want to count carbs the easiest way is to enter your foods into something like cronometer, fitday, nutritiondata etc.

          Here is a link to read about refeeds: Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple

          No apologies for ignorance! True ignorance is never trying to learn.
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            its all about experimenting as there is no silver bullet.


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              By carb reload I mean for one big meal I eat any carbs I fancy (still avoiding grains, especially gluten ones) - potatoes, sugar, fruit, not really paying attention to GI. Carb count can go up to 250 g that day.

              At other times I do eat low GI veg, almost no fruit (berries after workouts when in season). And bit of sugar in my dark choc (90%). I try to be under 50 g a day, sometimes allowing up to 70. I count them, using a calorie counting site that provides info on macros as well. I would recommend doing that for a while just to learn basics, like 100 g of carrots will give you 9 g of carbs etc.

              Regarding fruit - it's your choice really. Low GI are abviously the best but even those for me trigger some sort of binging behaviour - I can have 100 g of carrot and stop but I am unlikely to stop at 100 g of strawberries or apple So I just don't eat them on daily basis. Especially now in winter.

              Paleomum is right about low carb effect on cortisol, so you may consider increasing them if very low carb doesn't work to minimize your belly fat.


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                Hi there

                I am probably of a similar build to you, I'm 6'3" ish, 81kg and BF is around 13-14% now as measure via a BodPod a couple of months back). I store around the mid section too and got a lot of it off via low carbing. The reality is that I was teaching 4-5 kettlebell classes a week, a couple of spin classes, AND doing some working out at home, all on low carb, so it can be done.

                The issue I found is that although the fat was coming off (I was 21% BF a year ago) is that although i am happy eating low carb, I still had the urge to binge every couple of weeks, chocolate, biscuits, but mainly bowls of cereal, I could eat 3-4 big bowls in one go (raw milk mind!)

                I have started working more along the lines of the Perfect Health Diet, eating a pound of spuds/sweet potato/parsnip etc mash a day, a pound of meat/eggs/fish and then plenty of green veg. I am also not so concerned about a bit of other carb root veg like carrots now.

                I use butter/coconut oil etc, and have remained at least constant over the last couple of weeks, but without the same urges to binge, the carbs are holding that at bay nicely.

                You could go low carb on non workout days, higher on training days, or just play around with it, I think that mixing the days eating plans up is a good idea anyway. I don't think carbs are AS important if you are not doing high levels of metabolic conditioning a la Crossfit etc, but try a couple of weeks on 100 grms a day, don't overdo the protein and see how it goes. I am keen to hit 10-11% BF but it is a slow process at the end.

                You just need to experiment and see what works for YOU


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                  Thank you for your advice and insights into what you find effective. Certaintly is horses for courses! Good idea to use one of the calorie counting site to learn the basics initially. Chocolate digestives with a cuppa tea, and toast and butter were my killers, boy I could scoff them!

                  Love my fruit too though, so will have to lay off the high GI ones for the time being it seems.


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                    Good luck! Indeed foget abput bisquits and toast. Higher GI fruits - if you feel you miss them terribly, eat them right after your (heavy and intensive) workouts - within 30 mins or so. For a fit man, it shouldn't be a huge issue.


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