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  • Folks, help me out!

    So basically after any sort of workout my mental focus and clarity goes out the window for at least 3-4 hours afterward. But seeing as how I have a freaking doctoral dissertation to write, this is not a good thing. My ideal schedule would be to get up in the morning, go to the gym, run errands while I'm out, then hole myself up in the apartment and work the rest of the day. But this is not working. What can I do to ameliorate the situation, apart from working out in the evening? (which I prefer to not do - I have a gym right across the street from my apartment and would love to take advantage of the uncrowded weekday hours.)

    My eating schedule is as thus: get up in morning, have coffee, eat when hungry (usually ~3 hours after waking up, or right after my workout, if I do a morning workout that day. The usually 2 more meals throughout the day.)

    I *AM* a morning person, if that makes any difference.

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    you need to make your dissertation part of your workout. print out a couple of pages and revise/edit while your resting, use exercise as a brainstorming session, etc.
    some of my clearest thinking is when i'm working out. it's like walking meditation; it takes lots and lots of focus. if you do a little bit of research or writing before your workout, you can get your mind to focus on that subject during your workout.

    you may also want to think about having an apple or something post workout. let the glucose feed your brain.


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      That's funny, I'm the exact opposite. I feel like I can really focus and have great mental clarity after I train. What about lying down and relaxing peacefully for 20min before you hit the books? That might settle you down enough to study.


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        My husband had the "zombie experience" after working out. Having a sweet potato at his first meal after working out made a huge difference. He typically works out before breaking his fast, so. . . yeah.