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Anyone tried meat-only days?

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  • Anyone tried meat-only days?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this. I did it yesterday and felt great all day, barely felt any hunger, and dropped two lbs that had come on after barely eating for a day due to nasty cellulitis on my face which I'm still just getting over. I've been eating mostly primal for a couple months but I'm definitely not totally metabolically normal although I haven't had the low blood sugar shakes since I started despite eating too much sugar and some wheat over thanksgiving and Christmas.... I've very recently had four children in 5.5 years, still breastfeeding my youngest and tandem fed all of them. I lost all the weight after the first three (though it took longer each time) but on my fourth felt super nauseated the whole way through and gained much less than with the others. Lost it all pretty much giving birth, but my appetite returned after three months and 20lbs came back on fairly quickly much to my dismay! (Might've had something to do with eating home-made sourdough with jam and butter every day!). I have lost 8lbs so far on primal, though I need to be stricter, and wondering whether the occasional meat-only day might be a good way to help my metabolism shift towards normal. I should say also, I have more to lose than just pregnancy weight, overall right now I feel about 30lbs is what I need to lose. I have not weighed that (135lbs) since I was 14, so we'll see if I need to reconsider closer to that weight, but I'm 5'7" so it should be about right. Very much appreciate any input! Yesterday I ate two eggs and three chipolata sausages for breakfast, slice of turkey and a couple of beef around lunch, and two eggs in the evening. Only other things ate was a bit of butter to fry the eggs with....

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    I did meat only for 6 to 8 months in 2009 and LOVED IT, until I didn't anymore.

    Never really had any deleterious effects, just one day I decided I needed some other
    stuff, so, well, I had other stuff!

    Just really listen to your body - if it's craving some veggies or a fruit (and it's not some whack
    obsession because you've been deprived and now you're going to binge on it) eat it, cuz there
    maybe something in them that your body is needing.

    Otherwise, eat your meat and go with the flow.

    Good luck!



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      I have done steak and egg days. Those are good days.
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        Yes, very often, I do!
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          Thanks for the replies! I hadn't seen it mentioned really on the threads I've been reading, and it seems like an easy way to be ketogenic without trying/thinking about it. I really like not having to think about food because then I start talking myself into some dark chocolate! Haha....


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            Which is to say also that I think my biggest trip-up at the mo is that CW mindset that more variety is better/essential. I end up eating more than I'm actually hungry for. And as a life-long sugar addict, virtually any carbs seem to make me crave sugar/more carbs at the moment...


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              No, excess meat will take you out of ketosis. Just do an all-fat day if that's your goal. But considering how impractical ketosis is, why bother? It can take many days to really attain steady ketosis. You can get healthy and lose weight without it, even though it's fun to do at least once in your life. I did it, and it was pretty neat, but it wasn't the elixir of my dreams
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                Oh ok, somehow I thought it would produce ketosis. (My wee has smelled funny yesterday and today)... Oops! Not that it is ketosis I'm aiming for as such, just a change that jolts me out of this plateau, or more accurately, into steady weight loss. Unfortunately those 8lbs I lost was the first two weeks of primal and I have only gained and lost it since which is SO frustrating. I'm clearly doing sme things wrong, and hoping the occasional all-meat day might help. I've noticed that I feel totally different with no veggies, nuts etc because I don't have that "full" feeling but neither do I feel hunger like other days. I'm certain I'm eating more than I need to be in the recent past, but I find my mindset is still on "needing" something else after a meal (sweet of course) despite eating virtually no fruit (only blueberries and raspberries occasionally).


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                  Even if you were to do meat only for awhile, there is plenty of variety. When you think of all the edible animals and fish on the planet, you could go a long time without repetition. Add in various cuts of meats and the many ways to prepare them, and it becomes almost limitless.
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                    I would, but:

                    * I really like meat and I can eat a lot in one sitting. Especially, if there is nothing else to fill my stomach. So I'll end up with a calorie bomb at each meal.

                    * Depending on a person's size and build, there is just so much protein that can be absorbed by the body and used for muscle repair, the excess would most likely be converted to glucose via glycogenesis. I have read that if this process is occurring regularly, it could be very taxing on the body.

                    * I like my veggies and fruit too much.

                    * I don't want to miss out on good nutrients.

                    With that being said, if all meat diet is what works for some people, more power to them.


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                      One of my favorite things is a ribeye fried in butter or bacon grease with a fried egg on top and plenty of pepper.

                      I've gone days on just meat, eggs and a little bit of butter for frying. I won't eat a lot on those days.

                      Take a look at Paleobird's thread on going carnivore. You may enjoy it.
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                        I recently had my third babe, who is exclusively breastfeeding. Throughout my pregnancy and now, I find that I *need* some sort of starch (carbs?)..I have lost the pregnancy weight, but I would like to drop another 20lbs. I have been tracking a bit to see where I comfortably land, and my macros/cals end up fine as long as I eat clean. My milk supply is good, and babe is gaining well (he is 7 wks). Do you think all meat will have any effect on milk supply? It will most certainly put me into ketosis...might the milk taste funny as well?