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Hypoallergenic elimination diet for thyroid issues -- halp!

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  • Hypoallergenic elimination diet for thyroid issues -- halp!

    This was the first place I thought of to ask about what to do. You guys always have great advice, though I usually just lurk here.

    I have found a doc (a Naturopath yay!) that is amazing and made me feel like I wasn't completely nuts and I did in fact have hypothyroidism. He prescribed NatureThroid, Vit. B12 shots (um those are amazing!) and 10,000 Vit. D3.

    I am feeling freaking fantastic but it's only day 2. My next step is an elimination diet. I assumed it would be close to a strict paleo but no, it's more like the "brown rice" diet from what I've googled so far.

    The list of avoid is as follows:
    —All dairy, including butter :cries:
    —Gluten grains
    —Eggs :cries:
    —Almonds and peanuts
    —Beef, pork and chicken (lamb and turkey ok!?!?)
    —Coffee, tea, chocolate (herbal teas ok)
    —Refined sugars, food additives and any KNOWN allergy foods

    The OK to eat list:
    —Brown and white rice, soba noodles, all GF flours, oats, millet, buckwheat, corn, and even...potatoes!
    —Legumes are all ok except for baked beans with additives, obviously
    —Lamb, turkey and fresh fish all ok
    —ALL vegetables are ok
    —ALL fruits are ok
    —Oils are all ok, even Earth Balance. Barf.

    This is only for two weeks, then a gradual every other day reintroduction of food. My first will be cheese.

    I'm a bit worried. I am pretty much 100% grain-free, legume-free and soy-free. Since December I've gone off the rails a bit and gained a fair amount of weight. I really cannot afford to gain any more weight. I'm at my heaviest, 230# at 5'5". It's unreal. Just the back pain alone. I'll admit that I was never *that* strict primal anyhow (I eat too much cheese, drink lots of red wine and have dark chocolate occasionally). And by off the rails I mean eating grains like oats or brown/white rice occasionally. Some GF treats and regular ones as well, but not that much. I feel like the weight gain is unwarranted. I've also had worsening symptoms of hypothyroidism since December— thus why I made this appointment with a new doc after another failed attempt to get an endocrinologist to listen to me!

    Any thoughts before I start this? If I don't eat any grains, I'll have little else considering I can't have any other meat but turkey and lamb and the latter I've never liked. Has anyone modified a diet similar to this to make it "more primal?"

    Thanks all!
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    Yay for finding the naturopath! A few months ago I found one too and am on Armour thyroid and feel sooo much better! He also has me on 10,000 IU of vitamin D.

    I haven't heard of the thyroid elimination diet before. If you want to stay primal (which of course is best) then stay away from the grains except for maybe the white rice. Potatoes are fine If you can eat all veggies and fruit it sounds like you are only limited on meats. When you said you don't like the latter, did you mean lamb? I like a ground lamb in a stir fry with mushrooms, tomato paste and herbs... yum. I wonder why beef isn't ok on this elimination diet?

    Do you have a link to it? I'd like to take a look